Sparkly and fresh! Mum’s top five cleaning products to transform the home

Feb 22, 2020
An Aussie mum has revealed her favourite products to clean the house. Source: Getty

An Aussie mum has created the ultimate cleaning kit, using just five cheap and very effective products that can be purchased from your local supermarket or hardware store.

Taking to social media recently, the woman claimed while they aren’t the usual products seen in cleaning arsenal, they certainly do the trick. And even better — they won’t cost you a fortune. Posting to Facebook, she said she is now “obsessed with cleaning the entire house” after discovering how well they do the job, the Daily Mail reports.

Vanish Napisan Gold Pro White Stain Remover Powder

Napisan will leave your oven sparkly clean. Source: Woolworths

While Napisan is usually used to remove stains from fabric, according to the mum it’s also the answer to a sparkling clean oven.

Simply combine the powder with hot water and use a cloth to wipe the solution inside the oven. Meanwhile, for the racks, fill the laundry sink or bathtub with the mixture and let them soak for 10 hours.

The powder costs $22 from Woolworths.

Long Life 750ml Grout Cleaner

The grout cleaner is the perfect product to remove dirt and grime from your floors. Source: Bunnings Warehouse

Instead of using normal floor cleaner to remove dirt and grime, the mum suggests using Long Life 750ml Grout Cleaner. The product can be purchased from Bunnings Warehouse for just $10, and works a treat on ceramic tiles, slate, terracotta, brick and masonry surfaces.

Long Life 1L Tile Cleaner

The tile cleaner adds an extra glow to the floors once the grout is removed. Source: Bunnings Warehouse

While you’re at Bunnings, you should also grab the Long Life 1L Tile Cleaner for just $9.50.  According to the mum, it will help to add an extra element of shine to your floors after the grout has been removed.

The cleaner can be used on a range of tiles such as ceramic, quarry, floor tiles, wall tiles and sealed terracotta tiles.

Gillette Shaving Foam Lemon Lime

The shaving cream will leave your floors clean and smelling fresh. Source: Woolworths

It may be an unusual addition to the list, but the mum swears by the Gillette Shaving Foam Lemon Lime which can be purchased from Woolworths for just $3.25. The woman said she uses the product to lift smaller particles of dirt from the bathroom floor after wiping with the tile cleaner — plus it leaves a delicious smell.

Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes (25 pack)

The Sugar Soap is effective at cleaning marks from walls and floors. Source: Bunnings Warehouse

If you’ve had the grandkids around for a visit, then there might be a few some marks on walls from dirty fingers. To remove them the mum suggests using Selleys Sugar Soap Wipes which can be purchased from Bunnings for $4.50.

The product is also effective at removing dirt from walls, doorknobs and the floor.

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Have you ever used any of these products to clean your home? Do you have any cleaning hacks?

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