The ultimate fertiliser: 6 reasons why you should pee in your garden

Peeing in the garden has conveniently been used by gardeners and farmers through the years. Source: Pexels

Yes, you read that right, peeing in your garden is a thing and it turns out the unorthodox practice has a number of benefits. Although it may seem fairly unhygienic, pee can be the extra boost your garden needs. In fact, fresh urine can act as a great compost accelerator, soil enhancer, a weed killer and can even keep away any pesty animals.

The bizarre method of peeing in the garden has conveniently been used by gardeners and farmers through the years. If you’re hesitating though, here are six convincing reasons why you should try it every now and then, or at least collect some in a container you don’t intend to reuse, for use on your soil.

Soil enhancer

As well as nitrogen, urine contains phosphorus and potassium, which helps replenish soil that is depleted of minerals. Autumn is supposedly the best time to pee on your soil. Why? By the time spring rolls around, the soil will be loaded with nutrients.

Weed killer

Urine is filled with uric acids that are great weed killers. To get rid of any unwanted weeds, simply shower them with fresh urine — it’s that easy, and it won’t cost you anything!

Stops animals

Just like animals, you also need to mark your territory. If an animal smells the scent of your urine, there’s a good chance they’ll steer clear. The scent of human urine can keep away cats, foxes and rabbits.

Organic fertiliser

Due to its high nitrogen content, human urine is the ultimate organic fertiliser. As you may know, plants need more nitrogen than any other element, as it’s used to synthesise amino acids, enzymes, proteins and chlorophyll.

Surprisingly, one person’s urine is enough to fertilise up to one-tenth of an acre for a year. If you do use urine as a fertiliser, be sure to dilute it to 20 parts water and one part pee. Why? Using too much urine will kill your plants.

Compost accelerator

Decomposition can take time. The uric acid, already present in urine, accelerates compost decomposition, helping to aid plant growth.

Fights fungal diseases

Plants can develop fungal diseases such as leaf rot and downy mildew. The acid from your urine works great for eliminating fungi on plants. How? Dilute your pee to 50 percent, then use a spray bottle to spray on the affected area.

Would you try this? Have you used urine in your garden before?

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