Look and feel a million bucks! How to perfect your make-up in your 60s

Applying makeup as you age can be confusing but following these simple steps will help you to feel more confident in your skin. Source: Getty

Comparing the plethora of make-up products currently on the market can be intimidating for any woman as new items pop up all the time promising to produce the perfect look.

From eyeliners to blushers and mascara, not to mention the large range of foundations in different shades, choosing what to wear can be a nightmare.

While it’s easy to opt for the old favourite worn for years on end, make-up that once suited may begin to highlight lines on the face and while there’s nothing wrong with wrinkles, not everyone wants to show them off with such prominence.

But there is no need to fret, as these helpful tips will have you looking and feeling a million bucks within no time at all.

1. Moisturise

Applying a good moisturiser has always been important but, the older you get, the more important it is to keep your skin hydrated. You also may need to change to a heavier formula than you did in the past, to put more moisture back into your skin with the product applied day and night before reaching for the foundation.

2. Embrace your age

Make-up isn’t about hiding your face, it’s about enhancing what you’ve already got. Trying to cover up wrinkles with heavy foundations will only result in a dry, cakey look that only serves to make you look older. Something which no over-60 is looking for!

Remember, the heavy makeup you wore as a teen or a 20-something was usually in an effort to make you look older, so why would you do that now?

3. Less is more

It’s a cliche, but you hear it so often because it’s true. If you’re using too many products each day, it’s time to pare them back and embrace simplicity. A simple foundation and a bit of blush on the cheeks is all you need to look and feel fabulous.

4. Use liquid makeup

Your days of the matte, powdered look are over. If you feel you must wear foundation, stick to liquid to achieve a softer, more hydrated look – and preferably choose one that moisturises and contains SPF to avoid any skin damage when out in the sun.

A little bit of moisturiser mixed with a dab of concealer makes a beautiful, lightweight foundation for a special occasion if you’ve stopped using foundation on the regular. The moisturiser helps to nourish your skin at the same time, rather than drying out like many other products do.

5. Keep eye makeup to a minimum

Really heavy or dark eye makeup tends to enhance shadows, making you look older than you are. Instead, focus of simply plumping up your lashes with some mascara. However, perhaps move away from the black mascara in favour of a softer shade of dark brown to avoid looking dramatic or too over the top.

6. Highlighter

Instead of trying to brighten your skin with blush or bronzer, try a liquid highlighter instead. It will give you a fresh, luminous glow!

7. Don’t forget your brows!

Brows are an important feature of your face, so don’t forget about them. Baby Boomers will remember the trend was to have the thinnest eyebrows possible, so it can be difficult to know how to enhance them. No matter what you’ve got left, making the most of them with a brow pencil can mean you’ll use less makeup on the rest of your face.

Beware of plucking overlong brow hairs; new ones won’t necessarily grow. It’s better to trim with sharp pointed scissors.

If prominent eyebrows are a first for you, don’t be nervous; experiment and stand back to view the overall effect because that is what is seen by others.

Do you have any makeup tips that you swear by?

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