From dark circles to thin lips: Expert shares top makeup tips for over-60s

Mar 20, 2020
A makeup expert has shared her top tips for senior women. Source: Getty

Makeup trends come and go over the years, from thick, black eyeliner to bushy eyebrows, but just because a trend is plastered all over the pages of magazines doesn’t mean it’ll do the trick for you.

As you age your skin changes, and although a thick layer of your favourite foundation from your 20s may seem appealing, according to one expert there are some other tips you should follow instead. This week Priceline’s Hair and Makeup Director Sarah Laidlaw is showcasing some of the latest hair and beauty trends as part of the Virgin Australia Fashion Festival (VAMFF) and she’s shared some of her best tips for older women exclusively with Starts at 60.

Add a pop of colour with lipstick

Lipstick can do wonders for a person’s appearance, with that extra pop of colour enhancing their natural beauty. And if you have thin lips, you can cleverly use lip liner or lipstick to give yourself a plumper pout.

Laidlaw says whether you prefer a sheer stain or a bold colour, a change in tone on the lips will pump up your look – especially for evening outings.

Use a good quality concealer

As you age you may notice that the bags under your eyes have become a little more prominent and age spots a bit darker. But fear not, this can all disappear with a touch of concealer. Laidlaw says reducing the dark circles will leave you looking and feeling fresh, while a hint of blush will really jazz up your look.

“Screening out dark circles and age spots will instantly lift your look,” she says. “A sheer wash of a peachy pink on the tops of the cheeks will add a youthful flow and have you ready for your night out.”

Don’t be afraid of eyeshadow

Your makeup doesn’t have to become boring as you age and according to Laidlaw there’s certainly no need to throw away the eyeshadow and eyeliner. In fact, the makeup expert says adding a little smoky smudge along the top lash line for a quick glam-up is a great idea, as is a dark eyeshadow to complete the look.

“Try an eyeliner pencil smudged into the lash line with [a] short brush like the Manicare Artiste Precision Smudger Brush,” Laidlaw says. “Alternatively, a matte eyeshadow smudged along the lash line will give you a softer look. Try the Thebalm Nude Dude Volume 2 palette for a great range of neutral matte shades.”

Try out false lashes

False lashes are all the rage among the younger generations, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give them a try, Laidshaw says. The makeup expert says lashes are a “game changer” and can do wonders for a formal look.

“They frame your eyes and add drama immediately,” she says. “Choose a false lash with a softer edge (rather than a very straight cut to the ends) for a more natural look, like the Ardell Baby Wispies. For a super quick change, try a magnetic lash, like the Kiss Magnetic Accent Lash.”

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