Aussies amazed as ‘life-changing’ hack shows how to fold a fitted sheet

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The Adairs employee gave followers a step by step guide on how to neatly fold the sheet. Source: Facebook/ Adairs

Folding a fitted sheet is the stuff of many people’s nightmares as they battle relentlessly with the piece of linen to make it look at least slightly presentable in their linen cupboard.

But there is no longer a reason to fear the dreadful process with one Aussie woman revealing a simile way to make the sheet look as neat and tidy as the rest of your bedwear.

Taking to social media this week, the Adairs employee gave followers a step-by-step guide on how to bring the sheet together in a tidy fashion with little effort.

“NEWS ALERT,” the post read. “How to fold a fitted sheet.”

The woman began by placing her hands inside of two corners and then placing the sheet on a flat service. Next she took hold of the outside corners on the other end and pushed them inside out.

With her hands on the inside of the sheet the employee then folded the sheet on top of itself, corner to corner. For the fourth step the employee said you have to grab the ends of the elastic, corner to corner, pick it up in the middle and “give it a good shake”.

Following this she placed her right hand into the corner of the sheets and the left tucked over the other corner before laying it down carefully on a flat surface forming a rectangular shape.

Just as you would with a regular sheet, the clever employee advised people to then fold one side of the sheet into the middle, followed by the other and then into a nice and tidy square.

“There you have it,” she said. “Now you know how to fold a fitted sheet, there’s no excuse.”

The post was quickly shared across the internet with thousands of comments from people who were eager to try out the relatively easy process.

“Ohhh that’s how you do it,” one person exclaimed.

“This is life-changing,” another wrote.

While a third joked: “If I am able to complete this seemingly possibly task… do I get to graduate to adulthood? I feel this may have been the missing link.”

Did you know how to fold a fitted sheet? Will you be giving this a go?

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