Five-ingredient ‘miracle spray’ cleaning hack you need to try

The internet is currently going mad for a cheap and natural five-ingredient miracle cleaner. Source: Getty

A ‘miracle spray’ using five harmless and very affordable ingredients is sending the internet into a frenzy, after a recipe spotted on the back of an old school washing soda packet was shared in a Facebook group.

The Mums Who Clean group – an online community for like-minded mothers to offer support and cleaning advise to each other – went nuts after a user posted a recipe for the five-ingredient miracle spray, with members promising that the spray can tackle everything from soap scum to stained stove tops, grout and even dirty couches.

The recipe was reportedly found on the back of a packet of Lectric Washing Soda. A quick glance at the company’s website revealed the miracle spray recipe really is available and at a fraction of the cost of most cleaning products on the market.

“The miracle spray recipe is the perfect all natural household cleaner,” a message on the website read. “The all round super cleaner costs only around 35 cents a litre to make and replaces multiple products saving you time, space and money.”

While making waves on the internet in 2019, the recipe had originally been shared on The Cheapskates Club blog years earlier and was even the subject of a segment on A Current Affair in 2017.

Turns out the five miracle ingredients include 1.5 litres of water (1 cup boiled), 300ml of vinegar, 60ml of dishwashing liquid, 25ml of eucalyptus oil and three dessertspoons Lectric Washing Soda (which is available online and from most Woolworths supermarkets).

Making the spray is also as simple as three steps. First, mix the washing soda with one cup of boiling water to dissolve. Next, add the remaining ingredients and pour into a bottle.

It’s then as simple as cleaning the house just as you would with regular cleaning products.

“You can clean your house for just 55 cents,” Cath Armstrong from the Cheapskates Club said in a 2017 episode of A Current Affair.

She said people don’t need endless products to keep their home clean and that the miracle spray can be used on anything and everything from walls, floors, benches and stoves to toilets, sinks and even the carpet.

It’s not the only household hack to send the internet wild in recent times. Oprah Winfrey recently revealed the easy way to remove dog poo stains from carpet. In a video for Vanity Fair, the TV star revealed club soda (soda water) is the best thing to remove poop from carpets.

Oprah said that soda water is effective as it loosens the stain, bubbles it up and makes it easier for her to blot, so that you’re removing the poop rather than mixing it deeper in your carpet. After scrubbing the poo, add more soda water and repeat the first step by blotting again. Then add dishwashing liquid, rub the affected area and use more soda water.

What are your thoughts on this? Have you ever tried this cleaning hack before?

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