Clean your keyboard with this genius lifehack


Just about everybody has a keyboard for their computer and no doubt uses it everyday.

If you like to eat around your computer, then chances are your keyboard has crumbs, dusts and other dirt in the hard to reach spaces between the keys.

So, how do you clean them?

While you could try a vacuum or a cloth, it might not work when reaching those tiny gaps between the keys.

Luckily some genius person out there has come up with a clever lifehack that’ll easily get the dirty and crumbs out of your keyboard, without causing any damage!

All you need is a sticky note!

So, how does a sticky note clean out your keyboard?

Well,  it’s as simple as pressing the sticky part of the sticky note between the keys.

It’ll pick up all the dirt, crumbs and dust and leaves your keyboard nice and clean!

Watch the video below and see for yourself:

Have you used this cleaning tip before? Do you have any cleaning tips to share? 


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