The latest thing women are supposed to worry about: Armpit vaginas

Jennifer Lawrence's 'armpit vagina', as she dubbed it when talking to reporters about her dress. Source: Getty

Women, and more recently men, have expectations about their appearance piled on them throughout their lives.

But this latest ‘beauty don’t’ has to take the cake. Or more to the point, if you’ve taken too much of the cake, you’re likely to be suffering this big fashion no-no, according to the Daily Mail.

And what is this latest affront to the eyes of the public? An ‘armpit vagina’. Yes, really.

According to celebrity stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray, suffering an armpit vagina is the thing female stars fear most of all when on the red carpet.

What is is, you may rightly ask? The Daily Mail helpfully explains that it “occurs when a star wears a tight dress that pushes their armpits up, creating a crease that resembles an entirely different area of a woman’s body”. The bigger the breasts or the more fat in the area, the greater the ‘vagina’ effect.

Actress Jennifer Lawrence reportedly coined the phrase while wearing this dress at the 2014 SAG Awards. Source: Getty

Apparently this isn’t even a new thing – Victoria’s Secret model Chrissy Teigen told Refinery 29 that a decade ago she had her armpits liposuctioned to remove fat from the area. “I had an armpit sucked out, which was one of the best things,” the model said. “It made me feel better in dresses, I felt more confident.”

Actress Jennifer Lawrence is credited for coining the term ‘armpit vagina’, telling reporters in 2014 that she felt uncomfortable in her designer duds because she had fat armpits, which she described as armpit vaginas.

We’ve only just come to terms with the concept of having a ‘muffin top’, not to mention ‘bingo wings’ or ‘dinner-lady arms’ (yep, those flabby upper arms that were celebrated in a song by Aussie band The Darkness that implored an unnamed woman to “put your arrrrrms around me, your dinner lady arms”. We not sure we can be bothered to care about having an armpit vagina as well.

Do you get sick of the ridiculous ‘rules’ about how women, or men, should look? Have you always ignored them and looked however you pleased, or have you only achieved that level of self-confidence later in life?

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