Myths vs reality: Simple tricks to stop your makeup slipping in summer

There are some simple tricks to stop everyday makeup spills. Source: Pexels.

Applying makeup in the summer months can often feel like a losing battle. But as Australia prepares for another scorcher, there are a few simple beauty tricks that will ensure your careful work doesn’t slip in the heat.

From your favourite foundation, to mascaras and eye shadows, there’re no reason to drop half your products out of your routine over fears they won’t stay in place in the sun. 

Priceline Pharmacy Makeup Director Sarah Laidlaw told Starts at 60 a few simple changes to your daily routine in summer can ensure you look fresher for longer. And while some of the rumours are spot on, there are other myths she has warned Aussies to avoid completely.

Should you change your beauty regime between seasons?

While everyone has a different beauty regime to suit them, it doesn’t mean it’s going to work in every season – and Sarah recommended making a few changes between winter and summer to get the best out of your products.

“It’s a good idea to switch skincare products (mainly your moisturiser) coming into summer as your skin is affected by changes in weather,” she said.

Explaining that humid air in summer can help skin’s moisture – meaning most people won’t need a heavy moisturiser – she added: “Some people obviously sweat more, which moves makeup, so I recommend trying a lighter moisturiser that has SPF in it.”

What’s the best makeup to wear in hot, sticky months?

Choosing a foundation to suit you is completely down to personal preference, with some people preferring a full coverage while others may like a more natural look.

However, Sarah recommended that people who sweat more in the heat or during menopause would be best trying out matte products “to help flatten out the shine”.

She explained: “If your skin becomes red from the heat, you may need products with more coverage that doesn’t shift as easily.

“Alternatively, if you want to feel like your skin is breathing, you may want to opt for a BB cream or a lighter foundation.”

Are there any great tips to stop makeup slipping?

When it comes to stopping slips or smudges in hot weather, you’re usually safest opting for matte products like foundations and powders, which work best to reduce shine.

“They help to minimise shine as they don’t have any added oils or gloss,” Sarah said. “You can get great matte products; from mattifying moisturisers and primers, to foundations, powders and matte setting sprays.”

When it comes to a base moisturiser, she recommended Priceline’s La Roche Posay Effaclar Mat or AVÈNE Cleanance MAT Mattifying Emulsion – which both work to manage excess oils.

From there, it’s good to try a primer before applying makeup in hotter weather, helping foundations and powders to stay in place. Two top and affordable choices from Priceline include L’oreal Paris Infallible Matte Priming Base and Rimmel Stay Matte Primer.

Meanwhile, choosing the best foundation to complete your makeup couldn’t be more important – and there are plenty of matte options to choose from. For more oily skin, Sarah suggested L’oreal Paris Infallible Matte Foundation, Beauty By Nicholas No More Serious AA Cream, or Dermablend.

Meanwhile, for dry skin there is Revlon ColorStay Makeup or Napoleon Perdis Stroke of Genius.

Elsewhere, while mascara and eye makeup feel more secure once applied, Sarah insisted your safest bet is to choose waterproof brands on hotter days to avoid smudges and slips.

“Avoid oil based moisturiser on the lashes, as the oil in the moisturiser will cancel out the waterproof ingredients, causing it to slip onto the face. Applying a little powder just under your bottom lashes can help too,” she advised.

Are there any myths that are simply untrue? 

From using a hairdryer after applying makeup, to spraying hair spray over your finished face, there are plenty of rumours and myths around to stop makeup slipping – but one of them should be avoided at all costs.

“Avoid the old myth of using hair spray as a setting spray!” Sarah warned. “It contains alcohol and lacquer which really dries out and makes the skin feel crispy.”

Instead, she advised choosing a setting spray, adding: “They contain polymers which are elasticated and move with the skin, rather than the stiffness of a spray intended for hair.”

Do you have any handy tips to stop make-up slipping in summer months?

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