Sophie Wessex is elegant in white as she joins the Queen for palace reception

Sophie Wessex joined the Queen to give a speech at Buckingham Palace celebrating the work of The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust. Source: Instagram and Twitter/Royal Family.

They were recently rumoured to have one of the closest bonds in the royal family and Sophie Wessex and the Queen looked perfectly at ease together as they hosted a joint reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday.

The Countess of Wessex looked beautiful for the event, which was celebrating the work of the Diamond Jubilee Trust, wearing a pretty knee-length white pleated dress. The simple high-necked number made her appear effortlessly elegant, while she added some glamour with a statement necklace.

Keeping her look understated and classy, Sophie tied her hair back in a sweeping style and drop earrings to match her vintage-style necklace. She walked beside the Queen, chatting happily together as they made a joint entrance in front of the cameras.

Meanwhile Her Majesty stole the show at the event in a bold blue dress. Flashing a huge smile as her daughter-in-law said something in her ear, the Queen appeared in good spirits and opted for her signature pearls and a stunning brooch for the occasion.

The Trust was set up in 2012 “to mark and celebrate Her Majesty’s sixty-year contribution to the Commonwealth”, according to the royal family. They stated in a caption on Instagram: “The Trust’s work has since focused on helping to prevent avoidable blindness and to empower a new generation of young leaders. Its mission is to leave a lasting legacy owned by the whole Commonwealth, in honour of Her Majesty.

“The Trust has helped more than 22 million people in Africa and the Pacific receive vital antibiotics to combat trachoma – the world’s leading infectious cause of blindness and provided sight-saving surgery to over 104,000 people suffering with trachoma trichiasis. Each year from 2014 to 2018, 60 exceptional young people were selected to receive a @queensyoungleaders Award and become ‘Queen’s Young Leaders’ – one for every year that The Queen had served as Head of the Commonwealth at the time of her Diamond Jubilee.”

Sophie spoke at the event of the amazing work the Trust has done to combat blindness. She said: “Our task is not complete, but the Trust has shown how effective eye care delivered at a micro level can have a macro effect. I for one will be carrying on with my work in this important field spurred on by what has been achieved.”

She added: “I feel in a way that I have been your eyes, having travelled to Malawi, Bangladesh and India to see the work of the Trust first-hand, witnessing the ambitious initiatives being carried out in Your Majesty’s name, and ensuring that the intended legacy would be real and long lasting. I am very happy to say that Your Majesty’s honour has been more than upheld.”

It comes after a source claimed the Queen shares a particularly special bond with the wife of her son Prince Edward. According to The Sun, the monarch often asks Sophie to ride with her to church, as they both share a common interest in religion, while she can be a calming presence for her.

“The Queen likes to be completely calm before church and she finds Sophie’s presence soothing,” the source claimed to the news outlet. An insider added: “She is trusted and relied on by the Queen in a way I couldn’t say applied to the Duchess of Cambridge or the Duchess of Cornwall. She is like another daughter to Her Majesty, they are that close.”

Both the Queen and Sophie are often complimented on their work ethic and many people commented on it once again this time round. One person wrote on Instagram: “Two very hard working Royals,” while another added: “As much as I love Kate and her work, it is SO NICE to see Sophie at the forefront for once. She is so humble & quietly hard working, and has been for years. This page could do with sharing her work more x.”

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