‘Seductive’ black mother-of-the-bride dress sparks controversy online

A mother-of-the-bride dress has got people talking online. Source: Getty

A controversial mother-of-the-bride dress has garnered attention online for its risqué appearance and vastly different look from the traditional wedding attire.

While most mothers tend to opt for a more conservative dress so as not to upstage the bride, Bulgarian brand Tonena has an entirely different idea on what mother’s should wear for their daughter’s big day.

Posted on website Etsy, the dress features sheer panelling and cut outs and doesn’t leave much to the imagination. To make wearers stand out from the crowd even more, the gown is embellished with ostrich feathers, which drape dramatically to the ground.

“This charming sexy black gown has body colored [sic] lining that could be made longer if requested,” the dress is described on the site. “The back could also be made closed if you’re aiming for a more conservative look.”

While the designer considered the dress the perfect fit for a mother-of-the-bride, others weren’t so keen on the idea. Of those was Rave Sashayed who took to Twitter earlier in the week to share her shock over the outfit.

“The pure awe I experienced when I saw this was labeled a ‘mother of the bride’ dress’,” she said alongside pictures of the frock.

Her thoughts were echoed by thousands of fellow social media users with many completely gobsmacked how such a dress would be worn for the special occasion. At the time of publication the post had received over 22,000 likes and more than 4,500 comments.

“That dress says I’m seducing my son in law and when my daughter confronts me I will chuckle scornfully,” one person joked on Twitter.

“You can wear it again! To say, a christening you weren’t invited to,” another added.

While a third said: “The dress for when your mum has powerful evil enchantress energy.”

Others joked that they would be happy to wear the dress should the opportunity arise.

“I just sent the pic to my 19-year-old and told her I’m getting ready in case she ever wants to get married,” one person wrote.

“And now I can hardly wait for my stepdaughter’s boyfriend to propose,” a second chimed in.

“Oh I’d wear that as a mother-of-the-bride!” another said.

What are your thoughts on the dress? Is it something you would consider wearing to a wedding?

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