Camilla glows in green ’70s-style kaftan for St Patrick’s Day celebration

Camilla looked stunning in green for a St Patrick's Day celebration in London recently. Source: Getty

The Duchess of Cornwall got into the Irish spirit on Wednesday as she stepped out in a stunning green frock for a St Patrick’s Day celebration.

Camilla glowed in the floor-length, floral printed kaftan-style dress as she smiled for cameras upon entering the event in London this week at the Embassy of Ireland.

With her hair in its signature slightly waved style, the 71-year-old looked gorgeous in the loosely fitted dress which was completed with a beautiful pair of dangly earrings.

Camilla glowed in green at a St Patrick's Day celebration in London this week.
Camilla glowed in green at a St Patrick’s Day celebration in London this week. Source: Getty

She was joined by husband Prince Charles, 70, who highlighted the importance of the relationship between the UK and Ireland in a moving speech.

“Above all we are friends, we are partners, and we are the closest of neighbours, bound together by everything that we have in common and by just how far we have come together,” he told the guests.

Also sporting green this week was the Duchess of Cambridge, 37, who was spotted out and about in Blackpool, a seaside town on the Irish Sea coast of England.

Joined by husband Prince William, 36, the pair visited one of the town’s most popular tourist attractions, Blackpool Tower. The tower is inspired by the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France and stands 518 feet tall. It was here the royal couple spent time admiring a large mirror, that was originally unveiled by Princess Diana in 1992.

Catherine and husband Prince William stepped out on Wednesday for a visit to Blackpool Tower. Source: Getty

Catherine rugged up for the outing on the cold spring day, with a green printed dress, a cosy dark green coat, black scarf and long black boots. Meanwhile, William sported a pair of navy blue pants, tailored jacket and a warm black sweater.

It was a busy day for the couple who also visited a Kirby Road property which was previously a boarding house. Here they were exposed to the realities of the town’s housing problems and the significant work under way to resolve the issue.

Kate and William then took time out to see a woman by the name of Christina Jackson in her home across the road, which was purchased and upgraded by My Blackpool Home, an organisation which improves home and neighbourhoods.

“Christina’s home was renovated in 2018 under Blackpool Council’s investment and refurbishment scheme,” Kensington Palace wrong alongside a post on Instagram. “In total around 50 bedsits in the area have now become 13 good quality homes for families.”

They listened to a session led by the director of Blackpool’s Centre for Early Child Development on the impact of long-term investment in mothers, fathers and children in their early years. While there the couple met a number of people who are suffering with mental health and are exposed to homelessness and addiction.

“Revoe Park had previously been a known location for drug use, in an area of significant deprivation, yet is now a great example of how a long-term community led initiative can transform lives and provide new opportunities,” Kensington Palace explained in a post on Instagram.

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