‘Why should I try?’ Nick Kyrgios lashes out at crowd in latest tantrum

Nick Kyrgios' latest outburst came during his match with Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas. Nick is pictured here at a previous tennis match. Source: Getty

He’s one of Australia’s most controversial tennis players and Nick Kyrgios has divided audiences with yet another on-court tantrum at the Citi Open in Washington. While he eventually went on to defeat 20-year-old Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas 6-4, 3-6, 7-6, the match didn’t come without the usual antics Kyrgios has become famous for.

The 24-year-old initially looked set to beat Tsitsipas – who he’d played doubles with earlier in the week – in the second set, but things weren’t going as Kyrgios had planned. As the crowd began to make noise, it seemed to upset the world No. 52, who became agitated.

“Why should I try?” he asked the crowd, according to Newscorp. “If you’re not going to respect me, why should I try for you? It’s very simple.”

Speaking directly to his box, he questioned why he should “try for these people” and called the audience idiots.

“I don’t want to complain, but that’s how I feel. You’re heckling me before I serve,” he said.

The match wasn’t all doom and bloom for Kyrgios, with the star winning back the audience at one point when he hilariously delivered a pair of shoes to his opponent. Tsitsipas was experiencing problems with his shoe laces and wasn’t able to find the right pair in his bag. Almost as if he were Prince Charming, Kyrgios leaned down and presented his rival with his shoes.

Just a day earlier Kyrgios found himself in hot water again with footage capturing him throwing a water bottle angrily at the umpire’s chair.

Kyrgios was taking some time out part way through his match against Japan’s Yoshihito Nishioka when he turned to his left and threw the bottle with much force.

The 24-year-old then tried to defend his actions claiming it was simply an accident.

“It slipped out my hands!” he claimed.

The umpire shot back: “My chair! What are you… ”

Before Kyrgios cut him off adding again: “Yeah, but it slipped out of my hand. I was trying to have a drink and it slipped out my hand.”

“Nick, the computer almost fell off,” the shocked umpire replied.

Despite the spurt of rage, Kyrgios went on to also win that match 6-2, 7-5.

His latest outbursts come just weeks after receiving two fines totalling $US8,000 (AU$11,471) for his behaviour during Wimbledon. He received one $3,000 fine during his match against Jordan Thompson, and another $5,000 when he lost against Rafael Nadal.

Are you a fan of Nick Kyrgios? Do you think players who constantly behave badly on the court should be allowed to play?

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