Woman reveals shock after discovering husband still kisses his mum on the lips

A woman has sparked debated after revealing her husband, a man in his 20s, kisses his own mother on the lips. Source: Getty (models posed for picture)

Is it weird to kiss your adult children on the lips? That’s the question being asked after a woman discovered that her husband, a man in his 20s, kisses his own mother on the lips.

Taking to online forum Reddit, the anonymous woman spoke of the moment her husband dropped the shocking revelation.

“So my husband and I were recently talking about raising kids and the like. And he brought up how some people are weird about people kissing their own kids on the lips. And I am just like ‘yeah, I could see that’,” she explained.

“My niece went through a phase as a toddler where she would grab my face and try to kiss me on the lips, and I don’t think it’s especially weird for younger kids.”

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But the woman claimed her husband then went on to say he still kisses his mother on the lips.

“That’s not normal. I get that it CAN be a cultural thing, but it isn’t here,” she added. “I asked a couple of my friends and they say no. Never would that be normal here. Not for a man in his 20s to kiss his momma on the lips.”

The woman continued: “I still am really shocked that he tried to convince me that it’s a normal thing for guys to kiss their moms on the lips.”

In the comments section on the post, the woman then questioned whether her husband had been hiding it, adding: “Even when [his mother] came to visit, I didn’t see him kiss her on the lips. So maybe he had been hiding it.”

However, she said the weirdest part about this questionable situation is that she think her husband is the only one of her mother-in-law’s four kids she does this with.

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While many parents and grandparents kiss their children and grandkids on the lips when they are young, the practice seems to fade out as they grow older.

While some people think it is inappropriate once children are teenagers and adults, others argue there is nothing wrong with it and that it is completely natural for parents and children to show affection like this.

In fact, many commentators on the post disagreed with the woman, saying “it’s completely fine”.

“I kissed both my parents on their lips until they died. If it’s your family culture and there is a generally healthy family dynamic, it’s completely fine,” one user wrote.

Another added: “I’m 33 andIi still kiss my mother, father, grandfather and all my uncles and aunties on the lips. All five of my kids kiss on the lips. Not a big thing in my eyes.”

However, other found the questionable practice weird, with one commenting: “Yea that’s weird. I would talk to him about that and explain that it makes you uncomfortable and it’s weird.”

“No, it’s not normal. Cheek kiss, even forehead kiss — okay. But on the lips? Nope,” another wrote.

Is it ok for parents and adult children to share a kiss on the lips? Or does it make you uncomfortable?

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