Gran asks for advice about dating with dentures and hilarity ensues

One woman was a little worried about what her date would think.

Dating someone new is always a nerve-racking experience, especially these days when the rules of the dating game have changed so much. For singles over the age of 50 it can be very hard to find someone who’s a perfect fit, so when you do, you don’t want anything to jeopardise that connection.

One woman asked for dating advice on how to bring up the fact she has dentures with her 61-year-old date who she says has admitted to her that he is rather “superficial”. Taking to online forum Gransnet, the grandmother questions whether she should tell her date she has dentures before meeting up or avoid the subject altogether.

“So, I’ve been chatting to a lovely man 61 – I’m 54. He is funny, charming and makes me smile,” the woman, who used the name Deni1963, wrote. “He is driving down Saturday night to meet.”

The woman explained to members of the forum that she and her date had decided to meet for dinner then stay overnight at a hotel, so they wouldn’t have to worry about driving home after a few wines.

Despite her excitement about the day, she revealed she was anxious about her oral capabilities. “My question is, I’m nervous. I have a partial denture with plate and if we became intimate in the future I’m worried. I haven’t told him.”

The man had already told her in conversations that he was quite superficial at times and she was worried her dentures could ruin her chances.

“Do you think I should tell him before anything happens? Or would he not notice…. anyone else been in a similar situation? ” she asks at the end of her story.

The forum’s commenters were quick to have their say on the issue and most agreed she should just enjoy her date and try not to think about her dentures. Others saw the funny side of her conundrum and offered her some hilarious suggestions.

“Forget your dentures. Just enjoy his company, or not, as the case may be. Don’t overthink things,” one wrote encouragingly, while another added, “enjoy your date and think of it as a nice night out even if it turns out that he’s not you were hoping he would be. I did years of internet dating and it didn’t occur to me to worry”. 

After the first few comments, the gran asked: “But what if we kiss? God. This sucks.”

To this, one user joked: “Isn’t there some kind of adhesive you can use? I’ve no idea if a plate is kiss proof! Come on you snogging grans with dentures, help this lady out!”

Another user also saw the funny side: “Are you worried he may be able to tell you have dentures if you have a kiss? What sort of kiss are you expecting?” to which the gran replied, “If all goes well then yes I’d like a good snog!”.

Another commenter had a useful tip: “I had a partial denture prior to having an implant and my hubby certainly never noticed it! Fixodent is your friend!”

After others reassured her that their hubbies weren’t fazed by their dentures and encouraged her to glue her teeth on tight and go for it. 

Have you got dentures? Do you ever get embarrassed about them, or do you embrace it? 

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