‘I called him the devil’: Ben Fordham admits to disciplining other people’s kids

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Ben Fordham claimed once he called a stranger's kid a devil for his behaviour. Source: Getty

While telling off your own child or grandchild when they’ve done something wrong is the norm, media personality Ben Fordham has admitted he takes it one step further and disciplines other people’s children.

It is a topic that has long been debated over whether or not it is acceptable to hand out harsh words of criticism to a child that is not your own but for the 2GB presenter its’s something he doesn’t think twice about doing.

“I discipline other people’s kids all the time,” the father-of-two claimed.

“What I find is that a lot of the time, the parents really appreciate it. I’ve done it to strangers in the supermarket.”

Fordham said he’s even gone as far to call a young boy an “evil devil” for hitting his mum, claiming he has “no regrets” about his actions.

The 42-year-old said he bluntly told the boy off for his behaviour, admitting it “terrified the daylights” out of the kid. Although some may criticise his actions, Fordham said the mum actually thanked him for disciplining her child.

“I called him the devil. It felt so good. I terrified the daylights out of this kid and I have no regrets,” he said with a chuckle.

“And I scared the living daylights out of him and the sister was like, ‘he hits me too!'”

However, not everyone has had good experiences with the bold move, with presenter Shauna Anderson claiming she once had a bad run in with a friend after disciplining her child.

“I had a child in my house once who was being rude to his mother and I was fed up and said to the child, ‘stop speaking to your mother like that or leave,’ the kid left and the mother turned on me and said, ‘you’ve made my child left [sic], he’s had a bad day, why have you done that to me?'” she explained.

“We’re still friends, our children just don’t associate much anymore.”

Do you think it is right to discipline another person’s child? Have you done it before?

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