Can the modern mustang stand up to the model that made it an icon?

Jul 05, 2019
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Classic. Ageless. Iconic. Legend.

All words thrown about these days when referring to everything from the latest iPad to overpriced celebrity inspired sneakers.

But in the automotive world, certain models of car are truly worthy of such illustrious titles.

The 911 is now bigger, faster and more technically advanced than ever before, but, many feel it has lost the soul of the 1960s classics. The almost cult-like following that classic air-cooled 911s now have adds some weight to that criticism.

Toyota’s LandCruiser, once an indestructible, rugged no nonsense truck that could transport you across, well, just about anything, has turned into a luxurious, climate-controlled, indestructible truck, capable of transporting you across, well, just about anything.

The Volkswagen Beetle, the old one was dependable, unique, full of charm and character and the new one, well, um, let’s not delve into the new one. It’s so far removed from the original, it may tend to spoil the point I’m trying to make here.

And then we have the Ford Mustang. In the ’60s the Mustang was a V8-powered rear-wheel drive muscle car for the masses. Affordable, relatively practical, incredibly fun with impressive levels of performance and a soundtrack that just exuded tough.

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But 50 years later, can Ford’s latest Mustang continue the classics legacy?

Let’s find out.

Are you a fan of the Mustang? What’s your dream car?

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