Make your stainless steel gleam with one ingredient

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Get your stainless steel gleaming.

Anyone who has stainless steel appliances or features in their home will know the irony of its name. The word “stainless” conjures up images of surfaces that are perfectly clean and shiny at all times. Unfortunately this isn’t so, and grease, fingerprints, and especially water tend to leave unsightly mark on stainless steel. 

There are countless commercial cleaning products in the cleaning aisle of the supermarket which claim to make stainless steel like new again, and they probably do. However, you can get your appliances and kitchen sink and taps gleaming again without wasting time and money on supermarket products. The only thing you need is likely sitting in your fruit bowl or even growing in your garden. 

That’s right, literally the only thing you need to polish up your stainless steel is a humble lemon!

All you have to do is cut the lemon in half and rub all over the surface of the stainless steel. If you need a little extra cleaning power, sprinkle some bicarb soda before rubbing over with the lemon. Once you’re done, simply wipe over with a soft cloth. As a bonus, everything will smell citrus-fresh!

Don’t forget the taps and faucet when you’re doing your kitchen sink either!  

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