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Lessons I learned from my grandkids

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With all the complexities of life, it’s easy to get caught up and miss out on the little things. All it takes is the wonder of a child to show us what is truly beautiful in this world. We took a trip down to The Men’s Shed to see what lessons were taught to the fellas from their grandkids.

“It’s fun to get dirty,” laughed Jack. “We spend so time to try to keep things neat and tidy. Kids just want to get dirty all the time because it’s fun. My grandson was playing in the mud, and my first thought was ‘That’s going to be a pain to clean.’ But I just saw the joy on his face. So I went out to talk to him. The next thing I know I’m making mud pies with him and my shirt is a mess. Probably the most fun I’ve had in a while.”

“Always to be inquisitive. My little granddaughter is always asking questions. Being the granddad, I like to think I have all the answers, but she just keeps breaking it down. Why? Why? Why is that Grandpa? Eventually, I have to say ‘I don’t know, sweetie.’ She just smiles and says ‘That’s ok, Grandpa, you don’t have to know everything. That’s what the internet is for.’” David shares. “It’s like she has a little catchphrase and just corners me into it. Bless her.”

“Sacrifice. Selflessness. Those are things I learned from my grandson. When his little sister got sick with cancer, my grandson immediately stood up and wanted to help.” Mike shares with pride in his eyes. “He went through a painful bone marrow transplant surgery to help his sister. It was tough, but he never complained. I’m thankful I have them both, and they are both healthy now. But I never forgot his steely determination to help. Such love.”

What lessons have your grandkids taught you?

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