The biggest mistake we make with our skincare

Oct 22, 2017
What's your normal skincare routine?

Let’s face it, we spend decades of our lives focused on anti-ageing skin care. We find products we love and we stick to them. Our preparations become habitual, even ritual. After all, that’s the reason it’s called a skin care ‘routine,’ right?

But it’s also the biggest mistake we make. You see, throughout each chapter in our lives, our skin has different requirements and the best treatment comes with adjusting our approach to suit our needs.

Yes, as we age and skin matures, you will experience more problems. The outer layer thins, and its elasticity is reduced as the collagen that keeps things plump starts to break down. It’s also much harder to keep hydrated because glands produce less oil post menopause.

We all wish for a miracle product or the ability to turn back time but in lieu of that, the foundation for good skin over 60 is to firstly not only accept, but also celebrate, the character of the years that shine through. 

Looking fabulous can be achieved at any age, and without trying to sound cliché – ageing gracefully – is the best approach. I recommend adopting a natural and healthy approach to skin care, that supports your key concerns:

Healthy skin starts within

The body starts to produce less of the things that keep skin healthy, so giving those elements a boost through diet and supplements can keep things ticking along. For most of my clients over 60, the big three are collagen, calcium and CoQ10. A diet rich in fish, dark green vegetables and citrus can help create stronger cells, and complementing healthy foods with a product such as Beauty Boosters Collagen-C Supplements will help you glow from the inside out.

Remove the rubbish

There’s no more important a time for cleansing and exfoliating than later in life. Removing build-up of dead skin cells and dirt is the best way limit dry and itchy skin. But please don’t use soap or hot water! Both will strip your skin of oils, instead natural products will help boost moisture. Be gentle with exfoliation, do it weekly and with a wet cloth. I also recommend being selective with ingredients – my favourite for mature skin is hyaluronic acid as it attracts water, aiding in hydration. I love the Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose for mature skin because it also treats the common issue of skin pigmentation.

Introduce an oil

While a daily moisturiser is necessary at any age, post-menopause I recommend women start integrating oils into their skin care strategy more and more. As well as deeply nourishing skin, the fatty acids in oil are brilliant for helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. There are lots on the market, so be fussy about the ingredients. My pick is the Skinstitut Multi-Active Oil as it also contains CoQ10, which I mentioned before for great for cell regeneration.

Last but certainly not least, is the golden rule for the golden years – sun protection. It’s something we should adopt throughout the ages but as you become more susceptible to damage with age, nothing beats slip, slop, slap and slide for limiting skin imperfections.

When was the last time you swapped skincare products?

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