How to get brighter whiter nails

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Your nails could look this good.

It can happen to the best of us. 

Sometimes dirt and grime can build up on our nails and try as we might, no amount of scrubbing or hand washing can budge those stubborn stains – especially if you enjoy getting your hands dirty in the garden, shed or kitchen. 

But if you’re like the rest of us and are tired of yellowed, dirty looking nails, try this quick and easy DIY solution for brighter whiter nails:

All you’ll need is: 

3 tbsps baking soda

1 tbsp hydrogen peroxide (3%)

Mix the two ingredients in a non-metal (plastic or porcelain) bowl until a paste consistency is reached. 

Apply the mixture with a toothbrush to your nails and leave on for five minutes. 

Rinse well and that’s it! Brighter and whiter looking nails that your friends are sure to envy. 

Would you try this?

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