Finding work past retirement age

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Once upon a time, reaching your 50s and 60s meant that your retirement years weren’t far away.

But now we’re living longer, maintaining more active lifestyles and participating in the workforce long after the traditional retirement age of 65.

For some, it’s a choice. But for many, like Jeff Merrett, it’s a matter of necessity.

After 20 years in the Navy, Jeff joined the mining industry specialising in logistics and supply. Jeff was sure it was the right decision, as it utilised his transferable skill set. Like everyone else, he had been hearing all about the mining boom and certainly didn’t envisage that it would end in his lifetime.

Imagine his shock that within a few years, due to the downturn in mining, Jeff found himself redundant – a daunting prospect when you are in your mid 50s and not ready to retire.

Thankfully, he found a field that not only welcomed older workers, but offered plenty of job prospects: aged care.

While Jeff had limited exposure to the aged care industry, he found it was never too late for a fresh start. All he needed was the right training to get started.

Starts at 60 are proud to partner with CHARLTON BROWN® to encourage readers to consider a new start in the rewarding, rapidly-growing field of aged care. Click here to learn more.

“The CHARLTON BROWN® team has supported me every step of the way,” said Jeff, “and my trainers even found my practical placement for me”.

“I haven’t even finished my studies and I already have industry job interviews”.

What Jeff enjoys most about his studies is the interaction with the older generation. Serving the community is something new to Jeff, he likes that he is appreciated and feels good about himself at the end of every shift.

“Being able to help people in need when they are most vulnerable and give back to the community makes me feel good about myself” said Jeff.

Jeff knew that his retirement funds needed to support him for at least the next 30 years. He also felt that he wanted to remain engaged with community and to maintain a purpose in life. This new and surprising direction has made all this possible.

Jeff Merrett is enrolled in a CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Aged Care) with CHARLTON BROWN®. Click here to learn more.

Across Australia, retirement patterns are becoming more non-linear, moving between stages of full-time work, career breaks and retraining and part-time or casual work. This has implications for the demand for health and community services and also for those working in these sectors.

Job seekers who recognise and plan for these trends will be well positioned to tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of our ageing population.

CHARLTON BROWN® has many training and employment opportunities for people seeking to change career, re-enter the working and require a sense of job security.

The caring professions provide flexible and diverse employment Australia wide. Many training courses are CHARLTON BROWN® website.

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