Detangle your jewellery in seconds with these easy hacks

Easiest ways to detangle your jewellery

Few things are more frustrating than that dreaded moment when your jewellery turns into a tangled ball of chains and pendants. Or worse, when your favourite chain has a tiny knot that is too small to remove with just your fingers. When you are not in the mood to spend your morning fiddling over small, frustrating knots then try these few tips.

Firstly make sure all the clasps are undone. A single chain is easier to untangle as it is more likely to slide easily out of the knotted ball.

Sprinkle baby powder over the chain or knot and rub it in. You should feel the knot loosen as the powder lubricates the chain and makes it easier to gently untangle with your fingers. The powder won’t be detrimental to the appearance of your jewellery and is easily removable.

Another option is to use a sewing needle. Simply slide it through the knot and gently pull away to unravel. If you are dealing with multiple chains then make sure to be careful when slowly pulling or you may tighten knots elsewhere in the tangled ball.

If baby powder was not successful then rinse the chain clean and try rubbing in baby oil or coconut oil. This will also help the knots slip and unravel. The oil and powder can be removed using a light mixture of detergent and water or store-bought jewellery cleaner. Don’t forget to rinse and pat dry once cleaned.

The easiest way to prevent tangled jewellery is to hang all if your chains on separate hooks. However, this can become difficult when travelling or if you are packing jewellery away. In these cases try placing your chain in a small, singular ziplock bag with the clasp hanging out the top. Close the bag as much as possible to ensure the clasp remains out of the bag. The smaller the ziplock bag, the less chance of movement with the chain. This will mean less struggle and fuss for whenever you chose to wear it.

What is your favourite piece of jewellery?

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