In Opinion on Thursday 25th Jan, 2018

What do you always go for – sweet or savoury?

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Yum! Which do you prefer? Source: Pexels

It’s safe to say there are two types of foodie people – sweet or savoury. 

Some people always prefer something sugary, while others make salty treats their go-to. At the end of the day, do you rip open a packet of chips, or do you reach for the biscuit tin? Eggs on toast or butter pancakes? 

For some, the ideal treat is snarfing down a juicy burger, and for others it’s skipping dinner all together and digging in to a large bowl of ice-cream. 

Then there’s the spicy food fanatics, who’ll forgo sweet and savoury for something with a strong chilli kick. And those who like a combo of sweet and salty, such as chocolate-covered pretzels and bacon and maple syrup on pancakes. 

Are you a sweet person or a savoury one? What’s your go-to snack?