Tears as dance group honour late friend’s life with incredible talent show routine

Dance group V.Unbeatable wowed with an incredible performance on America's Got Talent in honour of their friend who tragically died years ago from a devastating accident. Source: YouTube/ America's Got Talent

An incredible dance group has shocked judges on America’s Got Talent with a mind-blowing dance routine full of sky-high flips in perfect unison – inspired by a tragic accident which saw one of their members lose his life.

Appearing on the talent show this week, the V.Unbeatable group took to the stage in honour of friend and fellow dancer Vikas, who sadly passed away six years ago.

Dressed in matching yellow uniforms, with Vikas printed on the back, one of the group members explained how they were following their friend’s dream of dancing for a crowd on a large stage.

“We are here to fulfil the dream of one boy whose name is Vikas,” he explained to the judges. “Six years ago we were doing rehearsals and suddenly an incident happened and [he] fell down.

“His body was paralysed and after a few weeks he passed away. We were all broken.”

He added: “His dream was to be on a stage like this so, we are doing all this for him.”

After wishes of good luck from the judges, the dance crew lined up in position on stage ready to start their performance to a traditional Indian tune.

Within seconds they were jumping and turning in perfect unison, with some members flung high up into the air as the others waited below to catch them.

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There were no nerves in sight as they turned and twisted in time to the music while the gobsmacked judges watched on in awe and amazement.

At one point they even grabbed some chairs, holding them high above the stage with one of the smaller members of the group jumping right onto the legs of the chairs and flipping straight off them to the ground below.

There were gasps and squeals from the crowd who watched on in anticipation waiting to see what the next move would be before it all came to an end with one member being flipped onto a chair and held in the air by the others.

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A huge applause was heard coming from the crowd before judge Julianne Hough said: “Wow, wow, wow. I mean there was so much power. Obviously the tricks and the riskiness. Some people are just dance crews and some people are just acrobats, you have the combination of both. I’m very proud.”

Her comments were echoed by fellow judge Simon Cowell who said the performance reminded him that they have the best job in the world.

“These are times I believe where we probably need each other because trust me, we need you, and I hope we can do something in return back for you,” he told the group.

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But it was American basketball player Dwyane Wade who was the most impressed of the judges, holding his hand to his heart as he spoke to the talented dancers.

“My heart is beating at a rapid pace that I haven’t felt before,” he said. “I know the practice time it takes, I know the sacrifice it takes. I had a saying that whenever I hit a big shot, whenever I hit a game-winner, whenever it was one of those moments I jumped up on the stand and said ‘this is my house’ and today on this stage, this is y’all house.”

To the excitement of the group, Dwayne hit the golden buzzer with great enthusiasm, sending the dancers straight through to the live shows.

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Shocked and amazed, they began to jump up and down, hugging each other and screaming in disbelief. Dwayne then made his way onto the stage, with the group huddling in a circle and stamping their feet in unison.

The performance has since been shared online with people across the world sharing their amazement of the talented dance group.

“Woah I’m so amazed,” one person commented on YouTube. “Much support and respect to these amazing guys.”

Another added: “Tears came down through my eyes… all of them stood up and were applauding them for their absolutely stunning act. So proud.”

While a third said: “WOW. What a breath-taking performance.”

What did you think of the performance? Do you enjoy watching talent shows?

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