Funny or offensive? Comedian takes aim at Boomers with brutal comedy show

Australian comedian Tom Ballard took aim at the Boomer generation with a comedy set, questioning when they were going to die and blaming them for the economic and environmental problems the world is facing. Source: Ballard

He’s appeared on a number of TV and radio shows over the years and Australian comedian Tom Ballard has taken aim at Baby Boomers in an explicit clip from his Melbourne International Comedy Festival show.

Sharing a video on his Facebook page on Monday, the 29-year-old explained that Millennials were uniting in their “collective rage” against Baby Boomers.

“When are they going to die?” he asked his audience of Baby Boomers. “They are hanging around like a John Farnham farewell tour. When the f*** are they going to wrap it up, shuffle off this mortal coil and give me a house?”

Ballard claimed that when a Baby Boomer dies, they get buried in a coffin and also have an investment coffin buried at the same time so they can negatively gear in death.

“Their natural habitat is a three-bedroom, two-bathroom terrace house they brought in Brunswick for a shilling and a song,” he continued. “Their natural predators are skin cancer and children. We’re coming for you, Boomers.”

The former Triple J presenter explained to the audience that he’d been trying to purchase a house for the past year but that he can’t do it, claiming the only way he could enter the property market was if his parents died.

He also slammed Boomers for their reaction to younger generations.

“Love the feedback on my generation from Boomers. Keep that coming,” he said, pointing out that Boomers love to call Millennials “sensitive snowflakes” who are handed “participation trophies”.

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“We got those trophies for free just for showing up. We got to feel what it’s like to be a Baby Boomer,” he added. “Your participation trophy is called the ability to retire.”

He later criticised the lack of knowledge Boomers apparently have when it comes to technology and blamed them for environmental issues younger generations will have to deal with.

“Thanks for climate change,” Ballard added. “You’ve left us with a f***** economy and a dying planet. Awesome. We’re going for a post-apocalyptic water world scenario. I’m not going to be able to afford a boat.”

It’s not the first time Ballard has taken aim at Boomers. Last year he interviewed Denise Drysdale for Tonightly to try and figure out the difference between the Baby Boomer generation and Gen Z.

“You’ve been around for 69 years, how long have you got to go do you think? Ballard asked the Studio 10 host.

Ballard then informed Denise that many people in society thought Baby Boomers were self-cantered, greedy, materialistic, short-sighted, grievance-spouting, stubborn, patronising and overly-conservative people. He also said people thought they destroyed the environment, rigged the economy and given younger generations nothing.

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Do you think Tom Ballard’s comedy show is funny, or is it offensive?

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