Most scandalous reality contestant ever? Woman shocks with X-rated remarks

Sep 04, 2019
Channel 7's The Proposal sees participants get engaged on stage in one hour. Source: 7plus

Whether a fan of reality television or not, you can’t deny that it is never short of entertaining, and in some cases, shocking. That seems to be the case for Channel 7’s latest reality show, The Proposal, which sees participants get engaged on stage in one hour, and one of last night’s contestants has already made headlines thanks to her hilarious and equally shocking remarks.

Shelly Puddy was very far from shy as she opened up about everything from getting hot and heavy to skinny-dipping in her quest to win over single suitor Gary. “I have a very high sex drive,” the hilarious contestant said during her introduction on Tuesday night’s episode. She added: “And it’s very important that I can find someone that can keep up. I want to be that person that’s like, ‘Let’s have a quickie in the car’.” And the unfiltered comments didn’t stop there.

Shelly continued to shock – including sending shiver’s down her potential future mother-in-law’s spine, as Gary’s mother Sharon was also presented in the studio, hearing every word – as she opened up on her sexual preferences, revealing the one thing she will never do in the bedroom.

When asked by Gary whether she had any bedroom ‘no-nos’, she replied: “I’m adventurous and you’ve gotta try everything at least once to know whether you like it or not, but the no-no hole is a one-way street.” However, stunned by her response, Gary replied: “I was talking about stealing doona or something…”

She also stunned viewers when she revealed that she needed to go to the bathroom after host Luke Jacobz asked how she was feeling. She said: “Probably too much information, but a little nervous poos, but not follow through nervous poos.”

This isn’t the first time a reality show contestant has made headlines. Earlier this year, The Chase host Bradley Walsh was left a little red faced after an excited contestant decided to show him a bit off affection on the UK version of the show.

During an episode which aired in May the much-loved presenter received quite the shock when contestant Kathy planted a kiss on his lips. Kathy had just beaten chaser Anne Hegerty after correctly answering a series of challenging questions when the surprising encounter took place.

The contestant jumped up and down and gave Bradley a big hug before giving him a cheeky peck. While it’s not uncommon for contestants to show off their excitement at getting one step closer to winning the big bucks Kathy’s bold move left Bradley speechless.

The host stood with a shocked look on his face while Kathy proceeded to squeal with happiness, clearly not phased by the encounter. According to The Mirror, Bradley tried to usher her quickly back to the desk while he recovered from the surprising moment.

However, the contestant, still amazed to have made it through to the next round, continued to share her excitement explaining how she couldn’t believe she had beaten the chaser. “Join the club,” a shocked Bradley reportedly exclaimed. To which Anne added: “Yes, that was unusual. Are you alright?”

Equally surprised fans of the show quickly took to social media to share in the shock and hilarity of the situation. Most praised to woman for her bold move and great personality. “Oh she was absolutely brilliant,” one person wrote on Twitter.

“It was a great show tonight love how nutty Kathy was, that would be so me,” another said. While a third added: “She’s a living legend, one of my favourite contestants ever.”

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