The Chase’s Anne Hegerty shocks host Bradley Walsh with flirty comment

The Chase's Anne Hegerty made a rather surprising admission about one of the contestants on Monday's episode. Source:

Anne Hegerty, who appears on both the British and Aussie version of The Chase as ‘The Governess’, is known for being one of the toughest Chasers on the show. While she stays in character most of the time, fans of the quiz show will know that Anne lets her cheeky side show every now and then.

The 60-year-old left the audience in stitches on Monday afternoon, after making a rather suggestive admission about one of the contestants on UK TV.

Rob, a young entrepreneur, opted to go for Anne’s higher offer taking him one step closer to the chaser, however, he ended up being caught out by Anne. As he left the studio though, a disappointed Anne made a surprising comment.

“He was very good and cute,” she said, according to The Daily Mirror, causing UK host Bradley Walsh to scrunch his face up in disgust. Anne quipped back: “I said he was cute.”

Bradley, still reeling after Anne’s admission, said: “Get a grip woman!”

“I can’t. He’s gone,” Anne then replied cheekily.

Fans of the show couldn’t get enough of Anne’s flirting, taking to social media to comment on the lesser seen side of The Chaser. One wrote: “Good grief! Anne’s in the mood!”

Another wrote: “I love it how tries not to laugh on She’s so cheeky!”

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It’s not the first time Anne has been involved in a hilarious moment on The Chase. In December last year, a clip of some of the TV star’s flirtiest moments went viral on social media.

Originally uploaded to Facebook by The Sun columnist Dan Wootton, the video begins with the I’m A Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here contestant flirting with a contestant named David. He asks Anne how she’s doing.

“Ooh, I just want to lick you all over,” she replies.

David doesn’t seem to mind one bit, flirting back with the Brain of Britain star. “If you get some of these questions wrong, I might just allow you to do that,” he teases.

In another clip, Bradley jokes he’s going to have nightmares when Anne blurts out another hilarious joke.

“I’m in a really good mood now that I’ve got Dick,” she says in the clip.

While the audience and contestants burst into laughter, she’s referring to a contestant named Dick she beat and not anything x-rated.

Another scene sees the TV star calling a young male contestant “cute”, before admitting she would throw her knickers at the contestant. She also reveals one of her funny nicknames to another contestant called Matt.

“If you’re ever looking for anyone to ride a pillion with you, they don’t call me ‘Vroom Vroom Hegerty’ for nothing,” she says.

Are you a fan of Anne Hegerty? What is your favourite Chase moment?

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