Lisa Wilkinson slams ‘ridiculous’ claims she was seen fleeing The Project

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Lisa Wilkinson has slammed claims she was seen 'fleeing' The Project. Source: Instagram/Lisa Wilkinson.

Lisa Wilkinson has hit back at claims she was seen “fleeing” the Channel 10 studios after being made to feel like an “unwanted step-child” on The Project – branding the reports “ridiculous”.

The TV star has been enjoying her annual holiday abroad with husband Peter FitzSimons this week, apparently unaware of claims by several news outlets that she skipped the majority of the Channel 10 show’s anniversary celebrations after being made to feel “unwanted”.

Now, having seen one of the magazine stories at the end of her holiday, Lisa has hit back in a furious message on Instagram.

“Well the holiday is now officially over…it seems in more ways than one,” she wrote. “So there I was, standing in the queue at the supermarket this morning, right next to the magazine rack, when I saw it: ‘Furious Lisa Flees Channel 10’ right there on the cover of one of the weekly ‘women’s’ mags.

“(And let’s ignore for a moment the fact that the pic accompanying this headline was of a particularly tender moment from my 10th anniversary at the Today Show at Channel Nine.) But honestly, does ANYONE believe this stuff???”

She shared a photo alongside the long message of her smiling off into the distance, and revealed in her caption that it was taken on holiday by Pete.

“Do I look like someone ‘fleeing’ anything?” she added. “Do I look like I feel like ‘an unwanted stepchild’ as this story so ridiculously described me (with apologies to all the beautiful stepchildren out there)? Honestly the number of absolute lies in this story takes my breath away.”

She added: “I won’t bore you by going through them all….and I promise you, I’m old enough and been in this business long enough to take the hits… But I figure if I don’t call out this BS right now, this story will go on and on under a bunch of different headings for months to come.

“So please, don’t believe any of it. Tonight, after a holiday booked six months ago, I am back at the job, the network and with the Sunday @theprojecttv team that I love. 6.30pm on @channel10au. Hope to see you then!”

It comes after The Australian initially published a report claiming she fled the studio over a comment made by co-star and comedian Peter Helliar.

According to the news outlet, she took offence when he told her, “We love having you on our show,” during the 10th anniversary celebrations – before missing the after party.

Woman’s Day then followed up the report with one of their own, claiming she was made to feel like an “unwanted step-child”.

Fans were quick to reassure her that she didn’t need to explain, with one commenting: “Hey Lisa you don’t need to explain anything! We know those mags are all BS! X.”

Meanwhile another added: “You are so beautiful and full of class Lisa. Anybody that believes all the BS written about you needs their heads read,” and one wrote: “I don’t even look at them much less buy them. I’m into responsible journalism and these ain’t it.”

Luckily the claims don’t appear to have ruined the star’s holiday, and she’s been sharing a steady stream of sunny snaps from the beautiful region of Sicily in Italy.

Along with stunning photos of their meals, accommodation and tourist sights, Lisa has also shared photos with her husband as they enjoy some quality time together.

In one, they are seen posing opposite each other at dinner in front of an incredible view at their spot on the Amalfi Coast.

Another features Lisa on her own showing off her winning style in a flowing black dress and hat, flashing a beaming smile as she soaks up the sun.

She captioned that photo: “Because when you realise that even the freakin’ bus stop seats in Positano are a stunning work of art (and you’re just in your thongs), you try and position your feet as elegantly as possible…”

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