Young singer leaves judge in tears with incredible rendition of Elton John hit

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon left judge Katy Perry in tears with his performance of an Elton John classic. Source: YouTube/ American Idol

A talented young singer has been compared to the great Freddie Mercury he performed an “amazing” rendition of an Elton John classic on American Idol.

Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon blew the judges away and captivated audiences as he put his own spin on Elton’s beautiful tune ‘We All Fall in Love Sometimes’.

There is no denying Elton is one of the world’s greatest singers, but the 26-year-old contestant sure gave him a run for his money, even bringing judge Katy Perry to tears.

From the moment he stepped out on stage Jeremiah had the audience in the palm of his hands with the musician needing nothing but a piano and his voice to wow them all.

All eyes were fixated on the young musician as he hit the high notes with ease and flowed through the piece in an impressive fashion. The crowd even got on their feet, waving their arms in time with the music and cheering Jeremiah on.

The judges were left gobsmacked by the performance with Lionel Richie giving the young star the highest praise as he likened him to some of the best musicians in the world.

“You need to know this,” he said to Jeremiah who stood patiently on stage as he waited for their comments. “You just took an Elton John song, you went past Freddie Mercury, and you ‘Jeremiah’d’ the whole thing.

“There are notes that Elton can’t do, then there are notes, I can’t believe it, Freddie Mercury can’t do, and you went to a Z flat, somewhere up there, past Pluto and Mars… it was amazing, your voice is amazing and your career is going to be amazing.”

Meanwhile Katy struggled to contain her emotions as she spoke to the talented singer and confessed how proud she was of his achievements.

Wiping away tears from her face, the singer said: “I’m a mess. I’m just so proud. I’m just so glad because you’re a gift. You’re a light to the world. Your story is everything and your talent just supercedes all. I’m so proud of you.”

Luke Bryan was just as captivated for the performance adding: “Jeremiah, the whole time I’m watching that I’m like, I’m not worthy to be sitting here watching. I just see Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon on this big billboard.”

As if that wasn’t enough praise, Jeremiah’s beautiful performance was even noticed by Elton himself who took to social media to share his thoughts on the rendition of his song.

In a post shared on Instagram the singer wrote: “Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s version of ‘We All Fall in Love Sometimes’ took my breath away. An amazing talent.”

Fans didn’t waste an opportunity to give Jeremiah the praise he deserved either, leaving comments of support and love for the up and coming star.

“I swear I am moved every time he sings,” one person wrote on the YouTube clip of Jeremiah singing. “So much passion and range and control and emotion. His vocals are so forward that they run chills all up and down.”

Another amazed person added: “I immediately heard Freddie Mercury tones but then he took it higher. Just incredible and he makes it look effortless. Just spectacular! Bravo!”

A third said: “I mean seriously. There is nothing bad you could say about this guy. He’s greatness personified. Simply put, he is an artist that is just pure talent.”

What do you think of Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon’s performance?


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