Grant Denyer makes a surprise return to DWTS after hospital stint

The 'Dancing With The Stars' host made a surprise return to the hit Network Ten showSource: Twitter - DWTS

Grant Denyer was forced to retreat from the public eye after he suffered a painful spinal injury last month, but on Monday night the ‘Dancing With The Stars’ host made a surprise return to the hit Network Ten show.

“It is so good to be back here…right in time for the business end of the series, ” the father-of-two said as the show kicked off.

“Great to be back on my feet. A bit of a unique and magical procedure has happened to get me here tonight!

Last month, Grant was rushed to hospital for a second time in a week after sustaining a painful back injury, which he suffered while using a sledgehammer to knock a star picket into the ground in his paddock.

In a post uploaded to his own Instagram account he wrote: “Feels amazing to be out of hospital & back on my feet! Just a lil’ test run on the dance floor before tomorrow’s semi-final. I’ve missed @dancingon10 soooo much.”

Meanwhile, Grant’s wife Chezzi also took to social media to praise her husband’s remarkable efforts.

“Quite remarkable to see him up and about…He’s still a bit stiff, and has to lie down flat when he can… but we are miles ahead of where we were a week ago,” she wrote on Instagram.

The television personality has taken to social media regularly over the past few weeks to update his followers on his hospital journey. Just over a week ago he took the opportunity to thank his “super hero” doctor Richard Parkinson for coming to his rescue for the second time in his life.

The father-of-two shared his admiration for the neurosurgeon who has been helping him to stand and walk without too much pain, 10 years after he first helped the star to recover from a horrific monster truck accident.

“This is modern-day super hero Dr Richard Parkinson,” Grant said in an Instagram post alongside a photo of himself with the doctor.

“The talented neurosurgeon who saved me when I broke my back in a monster truck accident 10 years ago, has come to the rescue again to get me back on my feet.”

Are you a fan of Grant Denyer? Did you watch Dancing With The Stars last night?

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