‘It’s your cab driver’: Denise Drysdale left embarrassed as phone rings on air

Studio 10 host Sarah Harris answered her co-star's phone live on air. Source: Twitter.com/Studio10

Studio 10 host Denise Drysdale was left a little embarrassed on Thursday morning’s show when her phone started ringing as the program was beamed live to living rooms across the country.

They say anything can happen on live TV and that was certainly true as the 70-year-old was contacted during the middle of the episode.

The panel was going through their day-to-day chat when Sarah Harris was caught off guard by a quacking noise coming from Denise’s phone.

Sarah began to laugh before she asked Denise if she could answer it.

“Hello, Denise Drysdale’s phone, Sarah speaking,” the 37-year-old said as she picked the phone.

After a moment’s silence she added: “Oh, it’s your cab driver… can I take a message? We are actually live on television right now.”

It was at this point that an embarrassed Denise chimed in.

“He’s going to pick me up at 12.15,” she exclaimed through laughter.

“Can he pick you up at quarter past 12?” Sarah questioned. “Yeah that would be great, thanks very much for ringing.”

Instead of hanging up straight away Sarah continued with the chat. “What’s your name?” she asked the taxi driver. “Waqas. I’ve got to get back to hosting a little TV show right now so I might let you go. See you at 12.15.”

Once the hilarious phone call was finished, Denise explained she had turned her phone up as she was trying to get in touch with her grandson, obviously not expecting a call from anyone while the show was live on air.

“You know it’s a long held tradition that if your phone goes off you have to bring a case of beer for the entire crew,” host Joe Hildebrand pointed out.

Later in the show the panel received another surprise when Waqas himself entered the building, ready to pick Denise up and take her home.

Interrupting conversation once again he exclaimed: “Time to go!”

But instead of leaving with Denise, the taxi driver was invited to join the team momentarily as the show began to wrap up for the day.

The panel enjoyed a chat with Waqas, discussing his unique name and home country, along with Denise’s requirement to purchase beer for the Studio 10 crew for the phone call.

“You know you’ve cost her a case of beer that she now has to buy the crew?” host Angela Bishop informed the unlikely TV star. “You are partially responsible for that.”

Showing his kind nature Waqas replied: “I’ll give her a free ride today, how about that?”

Do you watch Studio 10? Have you ever had your phone ring at an inappropriate time?

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