Carlotta confirms return to Studio 10 a year after claiming ‘unfair’ treatment

Carlotta is set to return to Studio 10. Source: Youtube/Studio 10.

Carlotta has confirmed she’s returning to Studio 10 a year after quitting the panel show and claiming she was treated “unfairly” by producers.

The 75-year-old, who has been entertaining Australians for decades as a cabaret performer and TV star, told TV Blackbox in an exclusive chat that she “can’t wait to share my outrageous views” with Aussies across the country in two guest appearances.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Sarah, Joe, Craig and Angela again,” she told the news outlet. “It’s been a long time and I can’t wait to share my outrageous views with Australia because I’m politically incorrect and I say it as it is, whereas a lot of people don’t.”

Carlotta, who is well known for her roles in Number 96 and Beauty and the Beast, previously quit the show in May 2018 before claiming producers had treated her “unfairly” in a damning chat with former executive producer Rob McKnight on his podcast McKnight Tonight.

“There was a lot of fabulous people, it was a tight-knit thing which we had at Channel 10, but when it all split up I didn’t enjoy it anymore,” she told him at the time.

“And not only that, I was really treated a bit unfairly. I just think they tossed me around, you know, ‘we’ll use her there or use her there,’ and I felt a bit rejected so I did the right thing, I just quit.”

She shared her gratitude following her time on the show in her official announcement at the time however.

“Thank you all for the support from my exit from Studio 10,” she wrote. “I wish the show the greatest success in the future as I had the most wonderful time working on it for the last 4 years. Cheers lovies.”

Now new executive producer Tamara Simoneau has confirmed she’s invited Carlotta back on, telling the news outlet: “The Studio 10 team can’t wait to catch up with Carlotta again. She’s a much-loved member of the extended family and we look forward to her guest appearance in August.”

Carlotta will reportedly appear as a guest panellist on August 19 and 20.

Carlotta was born Richard Byron in 1943 and remains one of the country’s most well-known transgender people. At the height of the same-sex marriage debate, she used her platform on Studio 10 to explain that she’d been fighting her whole life for acceptance.

It comes after the star exclusively told New Idea last year that she recently overcame a cancer cancer diagnosis. The television personality admitted being terrified when she was told. Thankfully, the tumour was found early and she’s feeling healthier than ever.

“I’m in the all-clear and feeling better than ever, but it was a big wake-up call to get things checked out the moment you feel something isn’t right,” she told the mag.

According to the publication, the Number 96 star noticed there was a problem in March 2018 when she thought she had a simple urinary tract infection. When it didn’t clear up, she saw a specialist who confirmed there was a cancerous tumour growing in her bladder.

The star underwent surgery to have it removed and explained that because it was discovered early by an oncologist, the disease hadn’t spread.

“Mercifully, the disease hadn’t spread because my oncologist said it was discovered early,” she said.

Starts at 60 has contacted Channel 10 for comment.

Will you be pleased to see Carlotta back on the show?

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