Tracy Grimshaw slams ‘smug’ Tom Gleeson in rare angry TV outburst

Tracy Grimshaw thoroughly slammed Tom Gleeson on the show. Source: Twitter/A Current Affair.

She’s known for her more serious TV introductions on daily TV show A Current Affair, but host and legendary Aussie TV star Tracy Grimshaw took a moment out from her usual schedule to slam Gold Logie winner Tom Gleeson on Monday night.

The 59-year-old presenter vented her anger at the comedian after he took home the top gong on Sunday night, before launching into a controversial and very lengthy acceptance speech.

Grimshaw accused Gleeson of coming across “smug” and refusing to wrap up the speech with grace – instead rambling on for an incredible eight minutes.

“The newly minted Gold Logie winner advised us all last night to lighten up. How light did he want it?” she asked on the show.

“Julia Morris was wearing Costa’s beard, Pete Helliar was wearing a Logie. We were celebrating achievement in an industry whose main purpose is to entertain, and also happens to employ thousands of Australians – an industry the Gold Logie winner smugly told us last night was ”dying’.”

She then added in a sarcastic tone: “We all waited for him to change pace and close his speech with some grace, but no chance… Hilarious.”

Her rare outburst got a mixed reaction online however, with many defending Gleeson. One commented: “Everything he said was heart felt and with a touch of comedy. He’s a comedian. I think he was right lighten up.”

While someone else added: “Maybe if you guys actually start ‘entertaining’ you might start winning awards.”

However, Grimshaw is far from alone and everyone from Karl Stefanovic to Kerri-Anne Kennerley have blasted Gleeson since.

Kennerley branded the comedian a “wimp” after he pulled out of an interview with Studio 10 at the last minute on Monday.

“He has turned into ‘Gold Logie winner Tom’. ‘Wimp Tom’, you’re supposed to be here!” Kerri-Anne blasted, according to the Daily Mail.


“You’ve turned into a winner now. And now you’re a wimp, you’re far too good for us little people, Tom. No, he’s too good for us. I know the ABC type. He’s now so far ‘there’ where he wants to be,” she said, before adding: “Well they are like that!”

It comes after Gleeson took a swipe at former Today show host Stefanovic. Taking to the stage to address the room packed of television stars, he began: “I think the reason they (the Logies) ask you to do the opening is because Channel Nine has run out of stars.

“They don’t have any left. They have a new rule on breakfast TV too, if you are too entertaining they fire you. Am I right Karl. Is Karl here? Where is Karl?”

He added to Sunrise presenter David Koch: “What I’m saying is Kochie, your job is safe.”

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But this wasn’t the end of the roasting for the night, with Gleeson later taking another swipe at Stefanovic over his “tacky wedding” to Jasmine Yarbrough.

“Congratulations to Marred at First Sight by the way for their monster ratings,” he continued. “Give them a huge round of applause… Channel Nine were happy to cash in on your ratings by showing off your tacky weddings and fired Karl Stefanovic for having one!”

He did make up for the harsh words though by claiming the Today show has suffered greatly since Stefanovic departed in a swipe against the new hosting team Deb Knight and Georgie Gardner.

What did you think of Tom Gleeson’s speech? Do you agree with Tracy or not?

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