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Your morning heart-starter: A man bought a well from his neighbour

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All's well that ends well in this riddle. Source: Pixabay

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Test your powers of reasoning with this riddle. 

Two neighbouring farmers came to the king’s court to settle a disagreement. “He sold me a well and I paid the full price for it fair and square, so I own it,” said one farmer. “But now he wants me to pay him for the water every time I draw a bucket from it as well!”

“I’m doing nothing unfair,” the other farmer told the king. “Our contracts mention only the well itself, not the water within it, so I still own that and have every right to charge for it!”

The king ponders the issue, then comes up with an answer that makes one farmer very happy. How did he resolve this disagreement in a way that was fair?

We’ll post the answer to the riddle in tomorrow’s Morning Heart-Starter story! Give us your answer in the comments below.

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