Starts at 60 Daily Joke: Two people sat next to each other on a flight

Silently, the woman sat back in her seat and opened her magazine. Source: Shutterstock.

A man and a woman were sat next to each other on a flight. The man was returning from a parent-education seminar where he gave a speech as an educational psychologist.

The woman began speaking to the man about how she was returning from two weeks visiting her six children, 18 grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Eventually she asked the man what he did for a living.

Fully expecting to provide the woman with free professional advice on parenting, the man proudly said: “I’m an educational psychologist. I study parenting basically.”

Silently, the woman sat back in her seat, opened her magazine and said: “Well, if there’s anything you want to know, just ask me.”

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