Many retirees would be too wary to dance all night, but this partying pensioner doesn’t let her age stop her from putting on this great act.

When the Annual Retirement Village Retirement Act came around, no one in the audience was expecting her to do this. The corset clad grandmother of twelve wowed the crowd with her routine as she took to the stage. She starts the act as a sweet little granny walking up to the bus stop and proceeds to put on the act of a lifetime.

She said, “I just wanted to perform and make it into a comedy.” When complimented on her legs, she laughs shyly and says, “Yes, they’re long!”

The sweet 71-year old said she’s never had any experience with dancing, and has only started learning to pole dance since October last year. She’s glad that her family has been so accepting and that they are proud and love knowing that she can perform.

She’s out to prove that you can do anything at any age, and we would definitely agree! After all, she’s living the mantra of the Starts at 60 community!

Are you a fan of Christina’s? Would you be willing to try this?