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Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A young woman visits Santa Claus

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A twenty-something woman was waiting to meet Santa Claus. Source: Pixabay (Stock image used)

A shopping centre Santa Claus was surprised when he spotted a 25-year-old woman waiting in the queue to meet him.

While he didn’t usually take requests from adults, he smiled with glee and allowed the young lady to sit on his lap and make a Christmas request.

“Now tell me! What would you like for Christmas?” he asked the young lady.

“Something for my mother,” she replied with a smile on her face.

“Something for your mother?” Santa said. “That’s very thoughtful of you. What do you have in mind?”

Without missing a beat, the young lady looked at Santa dead in the eyes and made her request.

“A son-in-law.”

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