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Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A couple gets naked on their anniversary

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The couple decide to get naked on their wedding anniversary. Source: Shutterstock (Stock image used)

A couple decides to celebrate after reaching 40 years of marriage.

“Just think,” the husband says. “We were sitting here at this same breakfast table, naked as jaybirds, 40 years ago.”

Blushing, the wife comes up with a cheeky plan to surprise her husband.

“What do you say? Should we get naked again?”

The pair immediately strip off and sit back down at the kitchen table.

“You know what honey,” the wife says. “My breasts burn for you as much now as they did when we were first married.”

“That doesn’t surprise me,” the husband replies. “One is in your cup of tea and the other is sitting in your porridge.”

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