Kochie reveals wife gives him an allowance in strict family budget

David Koch and his wife Libby have a very close relationship. Source: Getty.

David Koch has been a famous face on weekly breakfast TV show Sunrise for more than 15 years, but while he takes the lead role alongside co-host Samantha Armytage at work – it’s his wife who’s in charge at home.

The 62-year-old presenter has been married to wife Libby for almost 40 years. They share four adult children together and are now enjoying being grandparents too – and Kochie has revealed it’s their open honesty with each other that has kept the relationship so harmonious.

From day-to-day plans, right through to their end of life wishes and writing their wills, the couple discuss everything with each other. And while Kochie says he’s become the main “breadwinner” in recent years, he’s always found it hugely important to ensure Libby is financially savvy on her own too – should anything ever happen to him.

Now, speaking in an exclusive chat with Starts at 60, the TV favourite has praised his other half’s incredible budgeting, and said while he is still working every day, the job of dishing out allowances and running their home life is mainly down to her.

“I’m lucky I married the world’s best home budgeter in Lib. She runs our family budget. She gives me an allowance!” he joked.

“I do the investing, but she runs the family budget. We’ve done that most of our family life. I was concerned I was the primary breadwinner and if something ever happened to me, I wanted to make sure my partner is completely comfortable with the finances.”

The couple have been very open with each other about their end of life plans too, and Kochie credited his own parents for teaching him to always discuss difficult subjects, as well as his own financial background which taught him the importance of revealing any hidden worries or family upsets, before it’s too late.

“We talk to the kids too, and they know exactly what’s in the will, how it’s divided, we have a family business and there are sensitivities there,” he explained.

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Asked what the secret to his happy marriage is, Kochie said they are two opposites who have attracted, and the fiery moments are what makes them work so well.

“It’s 40 years this January and we’re both Pisces, so we should have been divorced years ago! It’s like the fish in the symbol, swimming in opposite directions but seeming to connect!” he laughed.

“We share a similar sense of community, interests and humour. I think that’s the rock of our marriage. She’s the world’s best nurturer, mother, just extraordinary. But again we’re different, we clash a lot, we’re loud, opinionated – which annoys each other – but we couldn’t do without each other.”

The couple have now begun doing a lot of work with youth centres and disadvantaged kids, and explaining what inspired the work, he said: “We almost feel guilty that we grew up in such incredible family environments, and how many other kids don’t get that opportunity.”

Despite taking on the extra activities, regular charity work and juggling a busy home life, he has no plans to give up Sunrise any time soon – but said it’s essentially down to the viewers and whether they still want to watch him.

“You can think you’re the best person on TV, but if you don’t impress the viewers, it’s no good. While the viewers will have me, I’m delighted to be there,” he said. And offering advice to others over 60 who are worried about retiring, he added: “Keep working, but you can change your work schedule to cope and give you flexibility. Some people want to retire, and I can see that and good on them, but there are others who want to keep busy and doing things.

“I’ve got an uncle who’s 94 years of age and he retired from his last job three years ago. He’s been chancellor of a university, chairman of a bank, governor of South Australia. I’m a bit like him, I’m fascinated with people, I love talking to people and getting involved in different organisations.”

Do you agree with Kochie that both partners should understand the family’s finances? Did you discuss budgeting and end of life plans with your spouse?

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