You'll barely have to scrub your pots and pans again with this life hack

Sometimes no matter how long you soak your pots and pans or how hard you scrub, there’s no getting rid of the dirt, grease and stains.

Whether it’s baked on grime, leftover food or burn stains, it doesn’t take much for your pots and pans to get filthy.

With this clever life hack you’ll barely have to scrub your pots and pans again!

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All you need to do is take your pot or pan, fill it with warm soapy water, then add a dryer sheet and leave it to soak for about an hour.

While you’re off having a glass of wine or reading a book, the dryer sheet will do all the work for you!

When the hour is up, pour out the water, toss the dryer sheet and your pot or pan will be almost as good a new.

If there’s any linger dirt or stains, simply give it a light scrub with a soapy dish cloth or sponge and it should come right off.

Have you tried this trick before? How do you get the dirt and grime off your pots and pans?