This clever lifehack will stop you mixing up your keys

We all carry plenty of keys with us – whether it’s our car keys, house keys, or even keys for our workplace or relative’s house.

One of the burdens of carrying all our keys together is that it’s very easy to get them confused.

How many of you have tried to open your front door with your car keys? Or another key to your home?

It can get confusing with all those keys on there!

Luckily, there is a solution to this problem – and it doesn’t involve putting your keys on separate key chains.

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Instead, all you need is a few different bottles of coloured nail polish.

That’s right, this lifehack is super easy.

You can colour code your keys by painting the end of the key (the end you hold) with nail polish.

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Why not colour your house keys in a sparkly pink? Or your back door key in a nice red?

Provided you remember what each colour unlocks, it’ll make your life so much easier!

Alternatively you could always try paint or a permanent marker if you don’t have any nail polish handy.

Remember to let the keys dry before you attempt to use them!

Have you ever tried this lifehack before?