The tips every wine lover needs to know

White wine, red wine, champagne, bubbles.. whatever your taste is, there’s no denying a good bottle of wine when you find it.

And while many of us love to just open the bottle and pour a glass, many of us have been missing out on these great must-know tips for wine lovers!

From how to get rid of wine stains, to how to chill your wine without watering it down, here are the seven tips every wine lover needs to know.


1. Keep your white wine cool without watering it down

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Don’t you hate it when you put ice cubes into your nice glass of white wine and it ends up becoming watery? Well, here’s a tip that’ll keep your wine cool – and the best part is it won’t dilute your wine! Just freeze some grapes and whenever you need to chill your wine, throw a few in your glass. It’s that simple! This clever trick also works with strawberries.


2. Storing your wine properly

Ever wondered if you’re actually storing your wine correctly? Well, it all depends on the wine you’re drinking. For example, if you’re drinking bubbles or champagne, you should always store the bottle upright. Corked wines, on the other hand,  should be stored lying down, to keep the cork moist. And remember, you should always store your wines out of sunlight and in a cool area of your home.


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3. Aerate your wine without a decanter

Need to aerate your red wine in a hurry and don’t have a decanter? Then don’t panic, there’s always another way! Just put your red wine in the blender for 20 seconds and it’ll be aerated and ready to pour!


4. Chill your wine bottle in no time

Forgot to put your wine bottle in the fridge? Don’t worry, there’s still time to cool it down! Just wrap the bottle in a wet cloth or tea towel and put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Apparently, the dampness of the cloth helps to cool down the bottle faster and chills the entire surface!

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5. Get the cork out of the bottle without using a corkscrew

No corkscrew? No worries!  All you need it a screw and a claw hammer. Just twist the screw into the cork, leaving a little bit of the screw sticking out the top. All you need to do after that is grab a claw hammer and pul gently on the screw. Both screw and cork should come loose of the bottle!


6. Put your leftover wine to good use

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Got a little bit of red or white wine leftover? Don’t pour the dregs of the bottle down the drain. Instead,  fill an ice cube tray with wine and put it in the freezer. The wine ice cubes are really useful for adding to recipes that require wine or putting back into your next glass of wine to keep it cool. 


7. Get rid of those pesky red wine stains

With wine comes spills! And of course with red wine spills, comes those awful stains. So, here’s a tip for getting rid of the stains…. just use salt. That’s right, salt is great at absorbing the wine. Just mop up the excess wine, then cover it with salt. As the salt absorbs the wine, it’ll start to turn pink. All you need to do is leave it for 15 minutes and then vacuum or sweep it up. If you’ve spilt wine on your clothes, mop up the wine, sprinkle some salt and then pour on some boiling water and leave it to soak until the stain comes out!


Do you like wine? Have you used any of these tips before?

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