The Queen shows she's just like us when it comes to technology

Technology is in a consistent place of change and innovation. Just when you think you got it figured out there will be a new “update” that will almost send you back to square one. You are not alone in this at all.

The Queen recently stated that while she sees the need for technology and often has her grandchildren help her out with using it. British Empire Medal winner, Barbara Wilkins, told the UK’s Daily Mail that “She said her grandchildren did things for her digitally but she didn’t like them to be on their phones and computers all the time. She says they need social skills. She was like any other grandmother.”

The idea of The Queen asking William or Harry to show her how to see the youngest Princes latest pictures online is a sweet one. To consider the changes in technology from when The Queen took the throne till now has to be a drastic change. While it used to be a sea of smiling faces just hoping to get a glimpse of her Majesty she has told the UK Telegraph that it’s strange “to see nothing but the backs of mobile phones whenever she looks up”.

It does raise an interesting point. When does it become too much? For one Saudi man, it was when his newly wedded wife was too preoccupied with her mobile than she was consummating the marriage. According to Russia Today after numerous attempts to get his new bride off her phone failed an argument ensued. The matter is now in front of a “reconciliation committee.”

In Australia, the statistics for our mobile phone use is pretty telling with a Deloitte study showing Australians check their phones collectively 440 million times a day on average. With 88% of Australians using mobiles on public transport, 83% while watching television, 73% in restaurants, and a dangerous 42% while driving. It seems that we are spending more time on the devices than talking to people with us.

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While it is still human interaction, it’s still critical to have that interaction with those around you. Even if it’s like The Queen and just sharing some quiet time with the grandson’s learning some new tech tricks.


Do you think that people are on their devices too much? Who in your family are your go to IT helpers?