myGov is getting an overhaul and they need your input

Since it was launched in 2013, myGov has caused nothing but headaches for the millions of welfare recipients who are

Since it was launched in 2013, myGov has caused nothing but headaches for the millions of welfare recipients who are forced to use it.

Many readers will know the frustrations of the clunky system that must be used in order to get payments, and is often where you’re directed after sitting on hold for an hour to Centrelink.

And the Australian National Audit Office knows all about it. In fact they want the public to contribute to an official review of the government web portal’s performance.

The Australian National Audit Office wants members of the public to make submissions to its report which is due to be tabled in parliament later this year.

The Department of Human Services, which runs myGov, has been audited before by ANAO regarding waiting times.

Now, The Age reports the Audit Office is conducting a “performance audit” of Human Services’ myGov, and whether it is actually benefiting Australians.

myGov is a portal where Aussies can access their Centrelink, Medicare, Child Support, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, e-health, and DisabilityCare accounts, but it has not been popular.

There have been serious issues with security and the usability of the website, with locked out customers, services down and other problems you wouldn’t expect from a multi-million dollar Government investment.

“The ANAO does not have a role in commenting on the merits of government policy but focuses on assessing the efficient and effective implementation of government programs, including the achievement of their intended benefits,” the office said on its website.

“We particularly value information that deals with significant matters or insights into the administration of the subject of this audit”.

So today you can make a difference and make your voice heard. If you’ve had issues with your myGov account or have any feedback, the Audit Office wants to know.

You can submit feedback here.

Tell us, what do you want changed about myGov? Where could it improve?

  1. Go back to the old system. I have tried several times to use the MyGov service on my computer and it is absolutely impossible to use. I just cannot get to where I want to. Then I go back and start again on the previous system and it works perfectly. As an aged pensioner I find this so frustrating. I try to keep up to date but myGov is a absolute failure. No matter how you try to use the correct information myGov requests, it just does not let you enter the system.

  2. Doug  

    I use the site every fortnight to update my employment earnings and when I change address and don’t have any problems at all. Love the site. Just wish I could do an extra couple of things occasionally. Perhaps it is a Windows problems as I use Apple and Safari. The only thing that I would say is that the once I did call Help Desk, they didn’t know what they were talking about. I even track my tax affairs through MyGov.

  3. Lillian Wallace  

    I hope that the research is sooner than later.I have always used Centre;ink until Mygove took oer,since then i havent been able to activate the system,I have been given that many new passwords which dont work,The questions relating to security tell me the information is incorrect like My mothers maiden name I am told is incorrect go figure so I dont bother checking anything

  4. Bronte ALLAN  

    The “my gov” site is very “clunky” to use, sometimes does not acknowledge your “secret question” answers, & is, at times, difficult to navigate! Like some of the other comments here, I have found it most “un-user friendly” at times & wish we could go back to the Centerlink system! The idea behind having all our data etc on one site is great, in theory, but in practice is not very user-friendly or even at times very “secure”. I used to use the ‘phone to report every two weeks but it seems even that “system” is wanting to make changes! I am continually asked to “register” my voice (!), so that the system will be able to identify me more easily & make it easier to report!! However, having sometimes used the phone reporting system & tried to speak when prompted for some of the questions or replies, & had the recorded message say “I am unable to understand what you are saying”–too many times–I now always do my reporting on-line!

  5. Joy Anne Bourke  

    Hooray Lorraine Clarke how true, I am an aged pensioner also and I can’t use it, just does not let you in.

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