The Duchess of Cambridge breaks 115-year St Patrick’s Day royal tradition

It’s been a royal tradition for 115 years however it will now be broken after the Duchess of Cambridge has

It’s been a royal tradition for 115 years however it will now be broken after the Duchess of Cambridge has decided to pull out of the event to spend time with her children.

The presentation of shamrocks to the Irish Guards is a long-standing event in the calendar, to mark St Patrick’s Day.

Members of the public have shown their upset at Duchess Kate’s decision to return home – they’d be expecting her to fulfil her duties as she has for the past four years.

‘I feel disappointed – if the Royals start breaking with good traditions then I’m not sure what they’re there for’, said one royal watcher.

Prior to the Duchess presenting the iconic Irish symbols, Princess Anne had the duty, however now Prince William will take over from his wife.

In the last few weeks the royal couple have been accused of only being part time royals, however some were more forgiving and said it was nice to see them break the mould and value family time.

Handing the clover to the Hounslow-based Infantry Battalion has been carried out on St Patrick’s Day by female members of the royal family since 1901.

A source told the Daily Mail’s Ephraim Hardcastle column: ‘It appears that Kate, in London for Commonwealth Day, was keen to get back to Norfolk and her children.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: ‘The Duchess has very much enjoyed the occasions when she has been able to attend, but the Duke is the Colonel of the Regiment and is looking forward to presenting the Irish Guards with their Shamrock.

‘The Duchess looks forward to marking St Patrick’s Day with the Irish Guards many times in the future’.

Tell us, do you think it’s right that Kate misses the tradition? Or is it understandable?


  1. Marcia  

    The Duchess is a mother first and I think it’s wonderful she chose to be with her children. Times are changing and why can’t William take her place. She will have many years in the future to perform this duty but her children are only small once. Well done Kate!

    • lindy  

      I agree she should be with her children!

    • [email protected]  

      There are many other female members of the royal family who I am sure would be delighted to be asked to perform this duty

  2. Totally agree with Marcia and how lovely she will have well rounded and together children as they grow up and if not she will have done her very best.I am sure she does not like falling out of favor but her family come first and William will have agreed. I applaud her these are important years. She also does not use up public money with masses of staff and does it largely herself , people seem very quick to judge her but where is the thanks for saving the money etc.

  3. Cath  

    of course the duchess is a mother first. surely there are other ‘royals’ who could do this

  4. sharon  

    Finally someone showing good sense…..they are children for such a small amount of time and it passes quickly, If her husband is doing it what’s the big deal. Diana would have done the same and she would be proud of Kate….

  5. Heather  

    Where’the issue??????….I’m with Kate

    • Audrey plant  

      Children grow up very quickly & comes a time they no longer need you. Cherish their childhood. Make sure you are there for every development that occurs.. Go Kate!!!

  6. Jo Ward  

    It seems the media just want to find fault with all the young royals. Let’s concentrate more on all,the good they are doing
    It good to see she doesn’t just hand off her children for them to be seen occasionally just so she can satisfy some archaic perceptions

  7. Good for her she is a young Mum after all, the media need to back off on William and Kate and stop finding fault with every little thing.

  8. Mary Couper  

    What is the issue. Kate is a mother first. Let her enjoy her children while they are still young and need her.They will grow up all to soon and fly the coop.

  9. Shirley  

    Get over it people. She is a Mumma first and absolutely did the right thing. Well done Kate. You are to be commended.

  10. Linda Napier  

    Yes I agree Kate is a Mother first and all but it does not take long to hand over some shamrock to The Irish Guards who warrant the tradition. I love William and Kate but she should have made time to do this small thing.

  11. Michelle Thornton  

    I think it’s wonderful to finally have royals who put their children first. Yes, they have to fulfil their duties, but, we all knew William and Kate’s priorities from the beginning……their family! Now people want to judge them because they want time alone or a family holiday…..geezus….have a whinge. So much more to be concerned about re. what’s happening in this world.

  12. Rose  

    Sure, she’s a mother first, she wants to go home to them and celebrate the day with them. She can still do that and also give out the Shamrocks….doesn’t she have access to a car to get home after she has performed her “duty”. If the car takes too long…how about a helicopter ride…
    In one day there is time to do both, especially if you have access to a multitude of travel options, which she does.

    • I agree, there should be time for both. Certainly her children should come first but there is plenty of time in the day to give out these traditional shamrocks.

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