Sir Paul McCartney gives his ‘confusing’ thoughts on Brexit

The former Beatle and music legend said that ultimately, he couldn’t decide whether the United Kingdom should stay or go.

The former Beatle and music legend said that ultimately, he couldn’t decide whether the United Kingdom should stay or go. But he wasn’t being outspoken about not voting – he was just torn because he says, “Even if I had have been able to (get to the voting), I was so confused. You were hearing what seemed to be good arguments on both sides.”

Funnily enough, the reason he couldn’t get to the voting was because he was on his ongoing European tour, and was issuing his response about the voting from a tour stop in Denmark, where he said, “I think like a lot of people, I was very confused.”

While the vote to leave or remain in the EU was split across the UK by 52 to 48 percent, there seemed to be a similar split in the world of celebrities in that part of the globe. Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger and actor Michael Caine spoke in favour of leaving the E.U.; “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling and former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr have criticised the vote and Prime Minister David Cameron. John Oliver also strongly urged his fellow Brits to remain on his show “Last Week Tonight”.

Do you think that by not voting, it just helps people not take responsibility for the outcome?

  1. Did the UK not make provision for citizens who were out of the country, like they do for federal elections? I’d love to know the answer to that question first, before making any further comment.

    • Carole Pugh  

      UK citizens living out of the country were allowed to vote

    • UK citizens out of the country were allowed to vote, yes, but not electronically which made it impossible for many expats to defend the right of abode in European Union countries. That in itself was a disgrace and a strong factor in the Leave vote winning.

  2. Unfortunately as with a lot of voters they were content to listen to what they were told and not doing any research for themselves. Lots of misinformation was given out by both sides as to what the referendum was about. Most of the misinformation was about Jobs, Finances, Immigration etc. There was only was reason for voting and that was Democracy, did you want to be ruled by your own government or the Brussels government. We are a good nation and we are capable of trading with people from all around the world but are restricted by the EU rules. What we wanted was out of the EU and the ability to make trade deals that do not come with the proviso of free movement. We would prefer a points based system where people have to attain a points quota before being issued with a visa but under EU rules we have to accept anyone with an EU passport which zero or very few checks and no upper limit. For that we are branded racists, so an Asian nurse has to jump through hoops to get into the country an EU citizen does not but might have a serious criminal record. Yes I am a Leave Voter and a Nigel Farage supporter who is the target of media and the political elite because he speaks the truth! Finally to put the record straight Nigel Farage was not leading the Leave campaign he was ostracized by the official Leave campaign of Johnson and Gove but the misinformation given out by the Official Leave side was attributed to him.

  3. i feel people have made a democratic vote lets stop whining and do what has to be done .leave or stay people would have a whinge lets show the world we can get things done without blowing people up and killing people just because they want their way ,god bless england and all who sail with her .

  4. Deanna Munro  

    I recently met an Englishman ,who does business in Australia. He was passionate about his country,and was prepared to accept the impact it would have on his businesses if England left the EU. He thought a country ,with control over its boarders and decisions,not ruled by Brussels ,the country he wanted for his family.Its not often you get to see someone put country before self interest.

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