New polls show we prefer Labor for the first time since Turnbull was PM

He’s been keeping quiet lately but it looks like it’s doing him no favours: the Labor party has become the

He’s been keeping quiet lately but it looks like it’s doing him no favours: the Labor party has become the preferred party for the first time since Malcolm Turnbull took over as PM.

And that’s not all: the PM’s approval rating as prime minister has fallen into negative territory for the first time.

He might be lucky, as voters still expect him to win this year’s election, the latest Newspoll shows.

The poll, taken exclusively for The Australian, shows despite Labor nudging ahead to 51 per cent of the preferred two-party vote, voters still overwhelmingly rank Turnbull as the best leader to manage the economy and deliver tax reform.

55 per cent of voters think the ­Coalition will be returned at the election while only 25 per cent ­believe Labor can win, and 54 per cent of voters want Turnbull as PM compared with 20 per cent who favour Bill Shorten.

But when it comes to satisfaction with Mr Turnbull’s performance, it is at 39 per cent. This is a major downward trajectory considering the approval rating was at six-year high for a prime minister at 60 per cent in mid-November. Dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister has risen three points to 44 per cent to be double what it was in ­November.

There may be hope yet, as Labor and Liberal have been neck and neck the past two Newspolls.

But what do you think could boost voters’ trust in Malcolm Turnbull? Let’s talk.


  1. colin  

    I hope the electorate will see through this Phony and realise he is just Abbott in different clothing.

    • Geoff Wilson  

      God help Australia if Labour ever gets in again. We are broke enough without another Labour Government.

      • Funny thing is we were told there was a budget deficit crisis before the last election. This was despite our economy being ranked in the top five worldwide. Since then the LNP coalition has QUADRUPLED the deficit while making cuts in health cover and education. We certainly can’t afford another three years of that. Any suggestions.

  2. Australia breathed a collective sigh of relief when abbott was thrown out (lack of capital letter intentional). Even died-in-the-wool lefties like me thought we might finally be rid of the worst government this country has ever seen. But Turnbull is now showing his true colours. He is weak and has given his lunch money to the bullies of the extreme right of his party. He is absolutely no better a leader than the one who came before him. Let’s see him dare to call an early election.

    • Carolyn Brown  

      Well no , Australia didn’t give a sigh of relief when Abbott left . The people who want everything for free and refuse to accept cut backs on ANYTHING. To reduce the deficit , are the only one’s who were happy . He had a back bone ! Who else has one ?

      • You’re absolutely wrong in your typical liberal assumption that if we disapprove of abbott and his cohort then we want everything for free. abbott had a backbone??? You are right there – a backbone for his mates only – you obviously are well off, so you’re one of the ones who believes that anyone who isn’t well off is a leaner. Pul – eez.

        • Cool Pete  

          I breathed a sigh of relief after abbott was removed, too. His horrendous government was just that. He abolished the Carbon Pricing Scheme, not for Australian households, but because, a) he refuses to accept the science behind climate change, b) he wanted to keep the gravy train rolling for his wealthy mining industry backers, and c) to remove Labor’s positive legacy of its term in office. What we now have a Prime Minister who cannot accept that it is the POLICIES that are unpopular not just the leader. To say that abbott had backbone is a misnomer, he had a bullish hotheadedness and a willingness to shaft his opponents and no negotiating skills. The sooner this horrendous government is relegated to history, the better.

      • Marie Gerrey  

        As far as the worst government this country has ever seen, it was definitely the last one who opened the borders and let in thousands who are still on welfare, not to mention the carbon tax, school halls and pink batts which not only wasted money but cost lives. That government will have put us in debt for years to come. So how can you possibly say a government led by an honest man who serves his community and won an election fairly was the worst. What rock are you hiding under?

  3. George Covacs  

    “we prefer Labor “???
    Not very well put.

  4. John Prior  

    Name change of PM was all that happened. Turnbull can do little or nothing to combat the majority right wing conservatives so policies remain anti worker, anti family etc unless in the rich mates class.

  5. Dellmo  

    Nothing could improve the chances of the right wing mess the liberals have become. Only for the rich and let the rest starve. They are a disgrace.

    • Joan  

      The Greens are in bed with the Liberals what principles they have completely lost me forever

  6. Sandy Gerelli  

    Let’s talk about your understanding of the polls, it is Libs on 51% not labor, careful your slip is showing. Stop giving commentary on something that you have no idea about, this is not the place for political discussion

    • Jeff B  

      Your input is condescending and conceited, indicating that you believe that you know about these things and “Starts at 60” and its readers don’t. Who gave you the right to decide where political discussion can take place? Who gave you the right to decide what “Starts at 60” can discuss and what it can’t discuss? Blimey; you really are conceited!

      • Doug  

        Jeff, Sandy is correct. The poll shows liberals preferred vote went up 1% to 51% not the other way around. So get your facts correct!

      • Susan McRae  

        This publication should not be used for amateur political editorial. Stay with other stuff and let the poor journalists and the ABC show their political bias because they do not have enough gumption to present unbiased discussions. Lift your game otherwise I am not interested in your publication.
        PS you read the research incorrectly anyway. The contributors still preferred Liberals not Labor
        Susan McRae

    • Jude  

      Why not? Of course this is as good a place for political discussion as any.

    • Quite right. I couldn’t understand the headline either so went to the Australian this morning.51%/49% in Libs favour. Not that I am particularly happy about that!

  7. jean  

    The right wing conservatives made a mess of Canada and now have been ousted. Cameron and his right-wing cronies are making a mess of the UK and look to be on the downward slope. Let’s hope the same happens here.

    Narrow minded right wing conservatives, from their comfortable personal positions will never understand the equation between the provision of good social welfare and a more civil society and the consequent benefit to all of better education, less crime, better health and an ultimate saving of money for everyone. The Scandinavian countries understand this and is why they always come out top of the list of the best countries to live in.

  8. It made me cringe to watch him be emasculated by the reactionary right wing of his own party.

    • Rather, to watch him allowing himself to be emasculated. He is the leader of this country, if he can’t stand up to the bully boys in his own party, he should be gone.

  9. Michael Siddle  

    Lying doesn’t become you. Whoever wrote this article stuffed it up badly because it is wrong.The latest Newspoll result is very slightly better for the Coalition than the last, recording them with a 51-49 lead after a 50-50 result a fortnight ago. On the primary vote, the Coalition is steady on 43%, Labor is down one to 34%, and the Greens are steady on 12%. The leadership ratings provide Malcolm Turnbull’s first net negative approval result, with approval down five to 39% and disapproval up three to 44%. For Bill Shorten, the movement is in favour of undecided, with approval down two to 28% and disapproval down three to 52%. Turnbull’s lead as preferred prime minister has narrowed from 55-21 to 52-21. The poll also finds 55% expecting the Coalition to win the election, compared with 25% for Labor. It was conducted Thursday to Sunday by automated phone and online surveying from a larger than usual sample of 2049. Starts at Sixty should post an apology and a retraction for misleading its readers.

    • Doug  

      Totally agree Michael. A lot of political stories on this site are very much labor leaning.

    • Sandy Gerelli  

      Looking at the quality of the replies on this site indicates to me most of the readers didn’t even notice the glaring error, I am sticking with my previous comment that this site is not the place for political commentary especially by people who are not competent enough to assess and make opiniated postings

  10. Lyn  

    I think Australians generally are sick and tired of the antics of politicians, the poor behaviour of their MPs and the lack of decisive action about things that really matter. They spend hours in ‘tit for tat’ debate, denigrating each other and then have the nerve to tell us all how we all need to increase productivity!

  11. Colin  

    Got rid of Abbott but the moron at the helm is no better full of p and w. His team is full of halfwits. This country is stuffed.

  12. David Taylor  

    If Turnbull is elected – he will last about 18 months and then he will be replaced probably by Tony Abbott. Turnbull’s ratings are slumping and as he coveted the position and he got it – so now he know’s that you cant’ be a wet whilst in a right wing party. Up to the people now.

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