How to unclog your sink without nasty chemicals

Your kitchen sink is one of those areas of your home that can easily become quite filthy.

While most sinks these days have plugs that catch food and other dirt, stopping it from going down the drain, it doesn’t always mean you’ll always stop debris from going down the drain.

In fact, over time the drain of your sink can become clogged with old food and other debris.

That can lead to a lingering bad odour and it can slow down or stop your sink from draining water.

When our drains become blocked, most of us probably reach for the bleach or a drain acid.

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But it turns out all you need is a little bit of baking soda and some vinegar.

Just pour half a cup of baking and soda and a cup of vinegar down a clogged drain.

It’ll foam and fizz up, eating away at all the dirt and debris clogging up the sink.

Once it’s stopped foaming and fizzing, just rinse some water through the sink.

Your drains will be clear and smell fresh!

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This lifehack is also perfect for showers and bathtubs. All you need to do is pull any hair out of the drain and then follow the steps as above.

Have you tried this trick before? Do you have any tricks for unblocking your sink?





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