Get on board with this simple kitchen cleaning lifehack

How do you clean a wooden chopping board?

Salt and lemon are not just a good match for tequila.

They are the perfect combination to also clean your wooden chopping boards.

You are not supposed to soak a wooden board in water, or put it in the dishwasher either, as water will soak in and could make it swell or warp.

So here is a simple way to clean yours.

First cover the board in salt.

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The coarser the the salt the better.

Then wipe over the salt with a cut open lemon and let it sit for a few minutes.

Finally rinse it all off in some hot water.

It is important to use lots of water, as it will flush away any bacteria and particles trapped in rough edges.

Then you can dry the board off with a clean cloth.

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A final step can be to rub in some oil to fill in any of those crannies and little cracks that can capture food.

Oil can also prevent the board from cracking too.

Don’t use organic oils though, as they will eventually make the board go smelly.


Lemon can help clean a wooden chopping board.
Lemon can help clean a wooden chopping board.




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